Grace Kelly was driving the car in which she died 40 years ago in Monaco

40 years ago, in a accident automobile the princess of Monaco passed away Grace Kelly. She had been born in Philadelphia on November 12, 1929 and her fame, distinction and beauty brought her to the arms of her charming prince, rainier Luis Enrique Majencio Beltrán Grimaldi, member of the dynasty Grimaldi who was prince of the sovereign state of Monaco, from 1949 to 2005.

A John Ford movie, Mogambo (1953), made her famous in a supporting role that earned her an early nomination for the first Oscar of the Academy, as a supporting actress, competing with the overwhelming Ava Gardner for the heart of a rugged but virile hunter, Clark Gable. The blonde versus the brunette, Hollywood’s eternal dilemma that rewarded her with her consecration, her first Golden Globe and a seven-year contract with Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

It is 65 years: this was the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco

Lady Di, Grace Kelly and Astrid
No consolation. According to the youngest daughter, Estefania, Grace Kelly’s death cast a shadow over Rainier III for years. The funeral was without her that had an accident with her mother.

That hadn’t been his anyway. film debutwhich had happened three years earlier, under the direction of Henry Hathaway (Fourteen Hours), followed by a job with Gary Cooper (Only in the face of danger, 1952).

Eleven films and a single Oscar won in 1955, with the anguish of living (George Seaton, 1954) marked his short but intense career, indisputably associated with the direction of Alfred Hitchcock (The indiscreet sale, Perfect crime Y catch a thief) and the poster next to JamesStewart, his best acting partner and faithful friend.

Lady Di, Grace Kelly and Astrid, three royal “divas” united by a fatal destiny

Grace Kelly, actress

Daughter of an Irishman with three gold medals at the Olympics in rowing and from a German athlete who was a Physical Education teacher, nothing indicated that Grace, the third of four siblings, had put the troubles of acting before the family fortune that her father, also a construction businessman, was amassing.

Rainier's Grace Kelly 20220913
Rainier's Grace Kelly 20220913

However, the first roles of the Virgin Mary in the school plays of the philadelphia catholic school they undoubtedly moved something in Grace Kelly, who from a young age not only studied classical dance but also devoured every play her own uncle slipped into her hands, the Pullitzer Prize George Kelly, or his other uncle Walter, a radio actor.

Thus, in 1947 she went alone to New York to study at the Academy of Dramatic Arts – she entered with the support of her uncle George – while she made her own dollars promoting as models. commercials for lingerie, detergents and cigarettes.

A role in a play by his uncle (The Torch Bearers), opened the doors of Broadway, with a work by August Strindberg. The success was resounding and television gave him sixty papers until the doors of the cinema were opened.

Grace Kelly was the only actress who not only never objected to the way work of alfred hitchcock but also shot three movies in a row with him.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco and American actress, died on September 14, 1982.

Grace Kelly in the Principality of Monaco

The shooting of catch a thieffilmed on the Côte d’Azur with Cary Grand, took her to Monaco for the first time.

Lady Di, Grace Kelly and Astrid
Grace Kelly was one of the European royal personalities who first welcomed Lady Diana Spencer.

His next shoot, The Cisnealso from 1955 (tireless, he made 5 films in eight months) took her back to Monaco, where the prince rainier, rowing fan -as Mr. Kelly- invited her to see the gardens of his palace.

Fade to black… and the romance began that ended in marriagewhen Rainier III himself stepped off a plane in Philadelphia to ask for Grace’s hand in marriage to her parents.

After the filming of High societyOn January 5, 1956, the Catholic actress from Philadelphia announced her engagement to the Monegasque prince and renounced her usual vocation.

Several celebrities said they would miss her, but Alfred Hitchcock, who tried everything to make her regret that big step, finally bled from the wound, saying: “Marrying a prince is on Grace’s path to success. She has done it with the ease of a trapeze artist. But I don’t know if the platform where she has to land will be too narrow.”, he declared and demonstrated that once again, where he put his eye, he put the camera. That was what happened.

Alfred Hitchcock 20220615
She was the only actress who shot three films in a row with Alfred Hitchcock.

Exactly three months later, together with his family, his dog and her bridesmaids. She married Rainier III on April 18, 1956, not in a Catholic church but in the throne room of the palace.

And they had three children: Caroline (1957)Albert (1958) and Stephanie (1965). His presence in Monaco undoubtedly helped to reconvert the image of the city of gambling and luxury that the sovereign wanted so much to reverse. fashion icon e inspiring of Hermès leather goods Grace Kelly infused Monaco with her own personality and succeeded in getting France to relinquish its claim to the tiny kingdom.

Grace Kelly and Rainier III turned Monaco into a luxury tourist destinationthanks to the influx of capital and the attractiveness of tax exemption, very tempting for any millionaire who resisted paying taxes in their place of origin.

The story of Estefania de Monaco 38 years after the accident in which Grace Kelly died

Grace Kelly was driving the car

By those coincidences of fate, Grace Kelly was driving from her country house in Roc Agel, towards Monaco, when she lost control of her car and fell 30 meters down a cliff. He knew the way, because it was the highway they had traveled with Cary Grant, in a scene from the movie catch a thief.

The story of Estefania de Monaco 38 years after the accident in which Grace Kelly died
His three sons look like him. Estefanía, her youngest, was traveling with her when the accident happened.
Grace Kelly
Eleven films, a Hollywood Oscar and a prince at her feet. Nevertheless…

She was accompanied by her daughter Estefania, who was then 16 years old and survived. It was said that she was actually managing her daughter, that they were arguing, that the princess was sad. Grace Kelly lost consciousness and the next day she died. Over time it became known that the princess consort was sad. hitchcock he had been right.

Several years later, her biographer Bertrand Tessier put an end to suspicions about Estefania, clearly the most rebellious of the family, when he made public his interview with Roger W. Bencze, former commander and captain of Menton’s company, who had been in his time conducted the death investigation.

“It is clear that the one who drove the vehicle throughout the journey, as we have been able to reconstruct the events, was Princess Grace,” said Bencze, and this was confirmed by the fact that Estefanía was rescued from the car by the side of the passenger.

The tomb of the princess consort is located in the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, in Monaco. Next to her are the remains of her husband, who passed away on January 15, 2005.


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Grace Kelly was driving the car in which she died 40 years ago in Monaco