Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. Teases Draemond’s Return to Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary season 2 star Leslie Odom Jr. teases her return to the show. The mockumentary sitcom that BuzzFeed Video’s Quinta Brunson created for ABC in 2021 focuses on the underfunded and predominantly black faculty of the public school of the same name in Philadelphia. Bruson plays the lead, Janine Teagues, alongside an ensemble cast with Tyler James Williams as Gregory, Janelle James as Ava, Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa, Chris Perfetti as Jacob, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara and William Stanford Davis as Mr. Johnson. Abbott Elementary was a huge critical and commercial success for ABC, winning three Emmys out of seven nominations at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. In March 2022, Abbott Elementary was renewed for a 22-episode season 2, which began airing in September.

Now, in a new interview with E! News, Abbott Elementary season 2 guest star Leslie Odom Jr. teased the future of her character Draemond Winding. Odom Jr.’s Draemond appeared in episode 207 “Attack Ad,” as the owner of the Legendary Group, which owns rival charter school Abbott Elementary. In the episode, he is instructed by Barbara to cut back on the offensive attack against Abbott, but it seems Draemond still has plans up her sleeve, as Odom Jr. confirmed that audiences haven’t seen the last of Draemond in Abbott Elementary. Odom Jr. didn’t confirm details of his return, but said he completely trusts Brunson’s vision and the story he has created for his character in future episodes. Read what he said below:

“I’m coming back. I’m coming back as much as [creator] Quinta Brunson will have me. You know, I’m here, I trust Quinta’s voice. She is asking real questions and addressing real problems emerging from our public school systems and she is doing it in a spirit of levity. So I’m happy to be there.”

Will Abbott Elementary School Become a Charter School in Season 2?

As fans of the show will recall, the finale of the Abbott Elementary season 2 episode “Attack Ad” set up the story for Draemond’s return. Although Draemond agrees to remove Abbott’s despising publicity at Barbara’s request, at the end of the episode, Draemond tells the crew that he will be tapping into the full potential of his former school. He suggests that he would transform Abbott into a charter school, giving its students and faculty the resources and quality teaching and learning experience they deserve.

As the ending of the episode of Abbott Elementary’s Attack Ad suggests, Abbott’s potential conversion to a charter school will be the main theme in the second half of the show. The show has already subtly set up this story, first by placing both second and third graders in Melissa’s class and then by showcasing the rivalry between Abbott Elementary and the Legendary Group. Considering how both the teachers and students have struggled in previous episodes, it’s only a matter of time before Draemond returns with a proposition to turn Abbott into a charter school, and the aftermath of that could be explored once Season 2 returns. of Abbott Elementary. from his holiday break.

Will Draemond Divide Teachers in Abbott Elementary Season 2?

While Abbott Elementary’s Janine & Gregory may never be a couple, the public can expect the duo to join forces to bitterly oppose the idea of ​​Abbott becoming a charter school, considering the move could lead to the cancellation of Abbott Elementary. some low-performing students like class size should be reduced. However, dedicated teachers may not receive the support of all their peers, as it is possible that Draemond will be able to involve Barbara and Ava in her plans. Viewers can then expect some hilarious internal conflict between Abbott’s faculty, as well as some comedic hijinks that arise when opposing sides try to persuade the parents for their differing ambitions. Whether Abbott ends up being a charter school at the end of Abbott Elementary season 2 will become clear in due course, but no matter what the outcome, Odom Jr.’s Draemond is sure to give Janine a run for his money in future episodes of the show.

Source: E! News

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