“Harassment can kill”: in Royan, the Cordouan high school is mobilizing against this “scourge”

Jean-Louis Mangion lets the untimely music pass. He will repeat these words, the same afternoon in front of the rector of the Academy of Poitiers. In front of other audiences, in front of each Second class, as he does every back to school. For ten years, the principal education adviser of the Cordouan high school has been stubbornly and patiently fighting against the evil that plagues adolescent and even child society.


Because she has an original, Polynesian first name, Le’o can testify to the precocity of pettiness. From elementary school, his apostrophe jumped into the mouths of his school friends, hilarious to call him “Leo”. She was even expelled from school…for biting one of her bullies.

Le’o does not wish the same setbacks to his co-religionists at Cordouan high school. She is therefore one of the 30 “ambassadors against bullying” who offer throughout the year to listen and relay the suffering of a bullied student. “The Cordouan high school was a precursor in this area”, Jean-Louis Mangion can flatter himself. With its pHARe program, the Ministry of National Education is only beginning to generalize the practice across France.

A recognized commitment

The Royan general education establishment was not selected by chance to delegate three of its “ambassadors” on November 9 to the Ministry of Education. They were received among a dozen young people invited by the minister himself, Pap Ndiaye, and even the wife of the President of the Republic, Brigitte Macron. Their experience, Le’o Vanden Cruys, Kiméra Guillot and Owen Bigey shared it in video with many other colleges and high schools.

For ten years, in Cordouan, student volunteers have tackled the subject head on, imagining and designing “tools” to raise awareness among their classmates, inform them of the procedure to follow so as not to continue to experience a situation of harassment. The message often took the form of short films. Directed, filmed, edited by students. “It’s important that it’s students who develop these films, communication media for other students, with their own words,” emphasizes Jean-Louis Mangion.

Here, the adults, the students are trained, the harassment stops immediately”

Sometimes, as on the National Day Against School Bullying, the message is delivered directly to a full amphitheater. Where the teachers are also attentive. “Here, the adults, the students are trained, the harassment stops immediately”, assures Jean-Louis Mangion. To precisely help other colleagues to train themselves to apprehend “this scourge”, the principal educational adviser of Cordouan gathered in a “case” all these tools, these information supports created over the last ten years. He presented it to the rector of the academy on November 10, with the hope that it would be widely distributed in schools, colleges and high schools.

Among the messages that Royan high school students would like to share with their classmates, they insist on the tacit complicity of simple spectators. “When you see a student making fun of another, if you laugh, you participate,” warns Kiméra. Passed by the pangs of the supported mockery, Elliot insists. “Please don’t act like it’s something trivial and ordinary. Talk about it, again and again, so that this daily bullying, which sometimes does not call itself harassment, is taken seriously and for what it is by those who witness it.

Elliot will have the opportunity again this year to highlight the subject. He will participate in the production of a new short film, benefiting from the professional advice of Maximilien Bert, in artist residency again throughout the year to support the project. Other ambassadors will work with schoolchildren from Zola. Their film will deal with the specific subject of cyberbullying, which is also early.

“Harassment can kill”: in Royan, the Cordouan high school is mobilizing against this “scourge”