The first episode will air on Wednesday, January 26.

Four 60-minute episodes. A broadcast in the first part of the evening on a TNT channel. La Pessière could not have dreamed of better. From January 26, this company specializing in the construction of custom-made wooden chalets will be the centerpiece of a television program broadcast by the RMC Découverte channel (channel 24). For six months, the Chalet sur mesure teams monitored the activities of the company based in La Pesse, thirty kilometers north of Oyonnax. “RMC contacted us two years ago, then the shooting should have been done in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, RMC put everything on stand-by with the Covid, and we ended up shooting last year. The teams followed us from June to December 2021“, recalls Jérôme Jantet, the manager of the company.

During the program, broadcast every Wednesday, you can follow the activities of La Pessière employees, from the first meetings with customers to the installation of the chalets, including meetings with suppliers. “At first, nobody wanted to be in front of the camera and on television, then we got on well with the teams and it was very interesting to learn things about their profession.

One chalet lost, 10 found

For several years, the chalet market had been at half mast, sales continued to decline, then confinement arrived and proved to be beneficial. The desire of city dwellers for other places has boosted sales and “the job exploded“. La Pessière receives 5 to 6 requests per day. While this figure is stable, the success rate of construction sites has increased considerably. “Out of 1,000 requests, only one chalet was built, explains Jérôme Jantet. We are in a McDo generation: we ask for a chalet like we order a Big Mac. And when they receive an estimate, 9 out of 10 people don’t even come back to us. Maybe they think it’s worth the price of a garden shed, when it’s a house. There are architects, masons, even sculptors who intervene.

To surf on this dynamic, the company of 18 employees relies on the weekly broadcast of the show. “The return must be quite impressive“, asks Jérôme Jantet. But the entrepreneur remains confident, since he is counting on spin-offs for the next seven years.”The videos will hang out on YouTube after the broadcast, is he having fun, before reporting an improbable calculation. We lost about 4 hours a day during filming. Over six months, that’s the equivalent of a chalet, but it will be enhanced by additional sales.

While four episodes have officially been scheduled, four more have been shot and could follow in the coming weeks. Everything will depend on the audience, which will determine the survival of the show.

Haut-Bugey/Jura – La Pessière, star of a television show