He debuted as an actor with Andrea del Boca, gained popularity in “Grande pá”, but made a big change and moved to the south: What is Gabriel Lenn’s life?

Although many remember gabriel lenn as the husband of Jose, the older sister of the “flip-flops” in ¡Grande Pa!, the reality is that in his career has more than a dozen shares and he is one of those actors who became popular because they worked in different fictions and movies of the 80s and 90s. Despite the success, The man settled with his family in Bariloche and is dedicated to children’s and independent theater.

Born in Buenos Aires, but considered Neuquén because when he was very young his parents settled in the city of southern Argentina for labor issues. Since childhood he felt a great appreciation for art, in fact, since then he recited, sang and even played characters not only in his house, but also in all school events. In full adolescence he made a big decision that changed his life forever. At only 14 years old, he touched the soil of Buenos Aires again and went to work to fulfill his great dream..

Gabriel Lenn came to live alone in Buenos Aires when he was 14 years old.

The rapid arrival to the cinema and the beginning of his professional career

Once he settled in Buenos Aires, he began taking theater classes and began an almost daily routine of visiting Channel 9, ATC, Channel 11 and Channel 13. that at that time tamed the rating and the artistic productions. In one of his visits to the public TV studios, he met Hugo Ares, who was a producer of Andrea del Boca and other stars of the moment. Knowing her story and seeing her talent for embodying characters, she offered him a small role in Ophelia and her dolls” and from then on his work grew little by little.

His arrival at the national cinema was also by chance, since he got a recommendation from Agustina Alezzo. His first film is well remembered because it was the first to be released in a democracy. The film was called Thanks for the fire and was based on the book by renowned writer Mario Benedetti. Some time later came the first leading role for Lenn in the feature filmpassengers of a nightmare“where I play Pablo, was directed by Fernando Ayalathe author was George Goldenberg and the story was true, since it told the experiences of the Schoklender brothers, one of the best-known police cases in Argentina because they killed his parents.

Another of the great projects that Lenn did was Big Pa!!, where I play Jose’s boyfriend, the older “chancle”, played by Nancy Anka. East role gave him a lot of joy, but above all recognition and popularity. As he recalled in different interviews, at that time he would take his daughters to the square and end up surrounded by boys, signing autographs and taking photos with totally unknown people.

Since then, he has been part of the cast of different fictions that were the most watched on national television such as “Gasoleros”, “Dibu, my family is a drawing” Y “Married with kids”, among others. Also, he continued to work steadily in film and in various plays, both comedies and dramas.

Throughout his career he worked with great Argentine figures.

Back to the origins

Amid the popularity and euphoria of viewers,
Lenn formed a couple with the television author Mónica Luparelli with whom he had 3 daughters:
Mailen she is a businesswoman, singer and singing teacher;
Ornella is a filmmaker and is in charge of a cultural center and
Danielle, what She is a lawyer and insurance producer. Although she separated from the girls’ mother, she was able to continue a very loving and close relationship. Also, it should be noted that the actor already
She has 2 granddaughters who are very important people in her life..

A few years ago, the interpreter decided to return to his origins in the south of our country and
moved to the city of Bariloche. There he continues with his great passion, acting, and lives very quietly.
Although he devoted himself to children’s theater, he continues to perform works of different genres but independently.

He debuted as an actor with Andrea del Boca, gained popularity in “Grande pá”, but made a big change and moved to the south: What is Gabriel Lenn’s life?