Here is Abodi’s programme: “Green light for school sport, the Youth Games are back”

Finally “sport in school, in the five years of primary” and “the return of the Youth Games” already in 2023, explained today in a hearing before the joint commissions VII Senate and Chamber of Deputies the minister of sport and youth policies Andrew Abodthe. He also recalled today, in the presentation for the first time of his government agenda, that harmony must be found between all the bodies, Sport and Health, Cip and Coni. Harmony that hasn’t always been there in recent years. Abodi is also very keen that sport can (finally) enter the Constitution. Sport needs to be relaunched in school, a sore point that has always been: “We will try to cover all five years of primary school” he promised. The problem of school systems also needs to be resolved: the Pnrr has neglected sport, recalled Abodi.

They will return next year, “the Youth Games, this glorious, fascinating social event” as the minister recalled. “Sports work and the sporting bond are two essential elements on which I reserve a few more hours of reflection, not to set back on rights that cannot be postponed and which must be affirmed as has not been the case up to now. The rules will certainly continue, but I reserve to evaluate only a technical deferral regulated over time”. Greater space for the Cip (“one day a synthesis between Coni and Cip will have to be reached”). Sport e Salute is “working well and will be strengthened”. There is the problem of the duplication of structures between Coni and Sport and Health as mentioned several times by Malagò: Abodi wants to solve it. Relaunch of the Sports School and Sports Medicine Institute.

And Lotito wants to command more and more in the Serie A. Here’s how…

Very agitated League Assembly yesterday. It’s not big news, of course, but you have to understand what’s behind it. Aurelio De Laurentiis, n.1 of Napoli, was enraged by the delay: he had engagements in Rome with the world of cinema and he took it out by ranting (“here you never combine a …”) with everyone, even with Lotito. Furthermore, De Laurentiis, for some time, has wanted the very important Lega council to pass to eight members (so he too would enter). Seven clubs have therefore left via Rosellini: they are Milan, Inter, Juventus, Naples, Rome, Monza and Fiorentina. Salernitana was present, even if the new patron, Iervolino, has never been seen in the League. Only Turin is absent and it is strange because Urbano Cairo always follows all the events of sports politics with attention, not only those concerning TV rights. Thus a truncated but valid assembly was held. Thus the election of the councilor was postponed: it was supposed to be the third vote with the vice president of Empoli, Rebecca Corsi, now close to the quorum, down to 11. she We will talk about it in the next assembly, before 5 December. Rebecca would be perfectly fine with Lotito, so in the council, in addition to him, she would have more and more full powers (Casini, Setti and Blandini are already at her side). In short, the patron of Lazio is always the tip of the balance: some prominent clubs are worried. But Lotito also works for football, not just for himself: just think of the commitment he is making, even with a Forza Italia senator, to spread taxes over five (or three) years. There has been no talk of championship reform, a commission is working on it. Two more assemblies before the end of the year. Gravina waits. However, the three professional leagues never met. Announcements are sent…

Siniscalchi at the Sports Department, Sciscioli at the Youth Department

They take office tomorrow, Thursday 24 November: Flavio Sinisalchi will head the Sports Department, while Michele Sciscioli will move from the Sports Department to the Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service (he will also deal with conscientious objection). These are two young managers with extensive experience in many fields, from energy to civil protection. Both will work in harmony with the Prime Minister and with Minister Abodi.

Here is Abodi’s programme: “Green light for school sport, the Youth Games are back”