IC School Tommaso Anardi, the hymn of the school, between intuitions, experiments and elaborations

We interviewed the Headmaster of the “Tommaso Anardi” Comprehensive Institute, Prof. Guglielmo Formisano.

Manager, Anardi is distinguishing itself for its numerous initiatives …

Indeed, following the writing of our Constitution and the inauguration of the Scholastic Library and after two years of the pandemic in which, however, we have not relaxed, creating remote theaters and participating in virtual trips, and after the victories achieved in the last school year in the “School Movie” Competition, with a final evening in the splendid scenery of the Temples of Paestum, in the “Enzo Bonagura” Music Competition in Nola and in the regional one relating to creative recycling, for which we were awarded a scholarship 1,000.00 (one thousand/00) Euros, this year we have designed a truly interesting Three-Year Plan of the Educational Offer, in collaboration with the Local Associations.

For example?

First of all, on 24 October 2022, to celebrate the twenty-fourth National Day of the AVO (Hospital Volunteer Association – AVO which has always been close to fragility), the volunteers of the Association met our pupils to share their experiences and discuss and dialogue on the issues of solidarity, generosity and altruism.

Later, on November 4, 2022, on the occasion of the “National Unity Day and Armed Forces Day”, our Orchestra impeccably performed the National Anthem in the presence of the Mayor, Cristoforo Salvati, the President of the Association ” Fighters and Veterans” Alessandro Bossetti and numerous parents and citizens.

Then, on the occasion of the week dedicated to “Libriamoci 2022 – The power of words”, the pupils of the Primary School and the First Grade Secondary School met prestigious authors, writers and university professors, engaged in a series of “Reading workshops ad loud voice” (Walter Pecoraro, Redenta Formisano, Vincenzo Fiorenza, Tonino Scala, Antonio Faiella, Rossana Lamberti, Giovanni Savarese). In addition, elections for the mayor of pupils were organised; lists, logos, programs, rallies and electoral spots (some of which are visible on the school website), votes, ballots, women’s quotas: all in the utmost and strict compliance with the TUEL (Consolidated Local Authorities Act) No. 267 of 18 August 2000 updated to 15 January 201 and the method of successive divisions (for the allocation of seats) devised by the Belgian mathematician and jurist Victor D’Hondt. An interdisciplinary and engaging work, with citizenship education and the acquisition of non-cognitive skills as a transversal background and substrate. In the end, the pupil Teresa Blasio (Class 2I – 218 votes, connected to the ”Anardi Musica Forever” and ”Anardi Sportiva” lists) was elected Mayor in the ballot, who prevailed at the ”photo finish ” on Maria Rosaria Criscuolo (Class 2G – 205 votes, linked to the ”Environment and legality” and ”Science” lists). Teresa Blasio takes the place of Gaia Sisto who, in turn, had taken over from Antonio Borriello. These are the school councilors of Anardi – Majority: Gaia Abagnale, Simone Leo, Daniela Oliva, Giuseppe Iovane, Mario Falanga, Francesco Pio Formisano; Opposition: Maria Rosaria Criscuolo, Federico Imperato, Daniela Cavallaro, Giorgia Cavallaro. Finally, on 25 November 2022, on the International Day against Violence against Women, poems were written by the pupils and some videos of notable quality were made.

And for the rest of the school year?

The novelty concerning “The Betrothed in comics” is very interesting; then, during the year, we will re-propose numerous Projects that have met with unanimous success and appreciation: Cinema, Literature and Music (students will read books translated into films, play parts of them and rework the soundtrack), Education in legality (with completion of the murals by Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino), More bikes, more friends, Computer science for everyone, Football with science (pupils will acquire concepts of mathematics, physics and science by playing football, with the final match at the Stadio Comunale “Giovanni Vitiello”), Spanish Language Workshop, Theater Workshops also in English and French, Experimental Didactics of Latin, Drawing Courses and Technical Drawing Olympics, etc.). These Projects are not linked to chance or entrusted to spontaneous theories but represent the testimony of the high social, pedagogical and cultural depth of our teachers and are united by the idea that all pupils must be put in a position to be “deserving”; from a methodological and pedagogical point of view, in fact, we will combine individualization and personalization (from the minimum necessary to the maximum possible); each student has a talent, an aptitude, a predisposition (from the point of view of multiple intelligences postulated by Hovard Gardner, now seventy-nine) and we will work to increase this potential, to motivate and guide the students, so that everyone gives their best . Finally, I would like to remind you that in our Institute (among the few territorial realities) two “Musical Pathways” are active, free of charge (Headquarters – Via Pietro Melchiade: Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Sax; Branch Headquarters – Via della Resistenza: Guitar , violin, cello, piano), with an orchestra of about one hundred students; music has a “unifying power”, as it works in chorus, in group, it increases sensitivity and broadens cultural horizons. Finally, our flagship will be the School Hymn, composed by pupils and teachers, ready for engraving, with verses in English, French and Italian; we are therefore ready to accept and face the challenges that await us, between ingenuity and culture, affections and feelings, history and memory.

IC School Tommaso Anardi, the hymn of the school, between intuitions, experiments and elaborations – Scafati