“I’d rather they didn’t have too many”: why Miriam Bleuse (My Very Large Family) refuses to allow her 8 children to have extra

In her Instagram story of Monday September 12, Miriam Bleuse (My Very Large Family) surprised her fans by stating that she prefers to see her children at home, rather than performing activities outside of school.

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The start of the school year has started with a bang for the Bleuse family, who made a name for themselves thanks to the show My Very Large Family, broadcast on M6 since August 8. Around the parents Miriam and Emmanuel, we find a sibling made up of no less than eight children. Passionate about music, almost all the members of the clan play an instrument, like the mother who is a professional pianist. After a summer vacation spent with the family, everyone therefore returned to their activities. But without putting pressure on yourself. Because Miriam Bleuse is categorical: she does not want her children to feel obliged to carry out extra-curricular activities if they do not feel the desire to do so. While some parents push their children in this direction, the young mother, she prefers to keep them under her roof, as she explained this Monday, September 12 on Instagram.

“Having time to be a child is priceless”

With now eight children at home, the one who has just given birth to a little Emmi in July, has no time to be bored. Taking care of such a large tribe is quickly time-consuming. So as much to say that if it was necessary to lead each child to his extra-curricular activities, the mother of the family would not come out of it. And since everyone already plays a musical instrument very well, the young woman believes that it is not necessary to burden their little shoulders with other hobbies that would not leave them a minute to themselves. “In fact, I am for children not having too many activities. Being at home, having time to be a child, is priceless”explained the participant of My Very Large Family in his Instagram story.

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A committed family

This is not the first time that the pianist has disconcerted her subscribers with her strong positions regarding her children. Emmanuel’s wife is also a convinced follower of the vegan diet. And she makes her whole little tribe benefit from it. This fan of healthy cooking started developing vegan recipes 3 years ago. And if some of his little ones, like Gabriel or Liam, were a little reluctant at the start, afterwards, everyone wanted to continue the adventure. But cooking vegan takes time. And it can also sometimes be a bit excluding, as Miriam Bleuse acknowledges. “Socially, it had become complicated. In addition to being numerous, we were vegans. So not frequentable”, she said in August on Instagram. This is why the young woman admits having made a “rewind”while specifying having kept “a rather vegetable base”in order to satisfy everyone’s requirements.

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“I’d rather they didn’t have too many”: why Miriam Bleuse (My Very Large Family) refuses to allow her 8 children to have extra-curricular activities