“Il Collegio 7”: this is who the 20 participants will be

Here we are! The new edition of “The college“, the Rai television program in which a group of today’s adolescents is subjected to the care of a teaching staff using old-fashioned methods. This year,”The College 7“will be set in 1958 and will have as narrating voice that of the blameless Nino Frassica.


The first episode will be Tuesday 27 September 2022 at 9.30 pm on Rai 2. Twenty participants in total in the seventh edition: eleven boys and nine girlswhose names have recently been revealed. But who will the new collegiate be? Here they are presented below one by one.

“Il Collegio 7”: that’s who the 11 boys will be


Damiano Severoni

Damiano Severoni, known as Sancho, is a 16 year old from Tivoli (Rome). Growing up without a dad who abandoned him at the age of 4, he lived with his grandmother, mom and older brother. He has a volcanic temperament and a gentle smile. In boarding school he would like to learn to follow the rules, which in normal life he struggles to do. On his Instagram he has 5 thousand followers (@ damiano.severoni), while on Tiktok it has almost 130 thousand.


Alessandro Bosatelli

As told by Prima Bergamo, Alessandro Bosatelli is a 14 year old from Brembate who is passionate about studying. With thick hair and a casual style, his will is always to be original: “I tend not to follow trends, but to create them“. Paladin of good education, his mission is to correct the disrespectful behavior of his peers. On Instagram he has 2 thousand followers (@alessandro_bosatelli).


Samuel Rosica

Samuel Rosica is originally from Bitonto (Bari) and says he is a bit “crazy” because he does so many stunts. He collected 56 notes at school which led to suspension. “Samuel is like the water of the sea, – says the father – it is always on the move… there is to go crazy“. He attends the agricultural institute and would like to work with his father” oil entrepreneur “. In his free time he acts as a DJ for communions and friends’ parties. On Instagram he has 2.3 thousand followers (@ samuel.rosica)


Gabriel Rennis

Gabriele Rennis is a 16 year old from Ostia (Rome) and defines himself as “er mejo de Ostia”. He attends the linguistic high school, but he doesn’t get along so well with the study. His mother, who is a teacher and vice-principal, puts it back in line. Footballer at a competitive level, he particularly cares about the physical aspect. On his Instagram he has 5.3 thousand followers (@gabrielrennis_).


Mattia Patanè

Mattia Patanè is originally from Riposto (Catania) and has a self-confident character. After a past as a chubby child, he decided to get fit and enter the world of “food”: “I am a food blogger“. Chess school champion, debate team member, poet and convinced philosopher. On Instagram he has 2 thousand followers (@_mattiapatane_).


Alessandro Orlando

Alessandro Orlando is a 17 year old from Torre Annunziata (Naples). Red-haired and very talkative boy. In his class he is the troublemaker, always ready to combine pranks. The father hopes that “Il Collegio” can teach him good manners. Passionate about sports, he has practiced swimming, athletics, basketball, volleyball and now football. In the future he would like to work in this sector. On Instagram he has 4 thousand followers (@alessandrorlando__), while on Tiktok it has 3.5 thousand.


Davide Di Franco

Davide Bisceglie is originally from Bisceglie (Bari) and is in the circle of the best in his class. He has few close friends because “not all fit me and I have to select them“. He is competitive, strict and orderly. In his free time he makes gossip. He cannot stand rudeness, ignorance and injustice. He never separates from his hairspray to cure his tuft. On Instagram he has 3.2 thousand followers (@ davide.di.franco), while on Tiktok almost 1.5 thousand.


Mattia Camorani

Mattia Camorani is a 15 year old from Faenza (Ravenna) who much prefers the Romagna Riviera to school. Tireless guy who loves to play sports, go dancing and go to the sea. In class he can’t stand the rules and sitting for him is a “prison”. Confident of himself and his physical appearance, he dreams of a career in the world of cinema. On Instagram he has 6 thousand followers (@mattia_camorani), as well as on Tiktok.


Davide Cagnes

Davide Cagnes is a 17 year old from Montebelluna (Treviso) and is a great seducer. Casinista in the classroom, he is the king of nightclubs that he defines as his “second home”. He has a passion for neo-melodic music, even as a tool to impress peers. The studio is not congenial to him and in his life he would like to be a hairdresser, which he is training for. His dream is to open a salon with his mother. On Instagram he has 4.3 thousand followers (@davide ._. cagnes), while on Tiktok almost 3 thousand.


Tommaso Miglietta

Tommaso Miglietta is a percussionist with a rocker soul. He is 14 years old and comes from Lizzanello (Lecce). He attends the conservatory and lives with a family of artists with whom he tours around the world and who produces traditional Apulian music revisited in a rock key. In 2021 he received the title of “Standard Bearer of the Republic” for his talent. On Instagram 3.5 thousand followers (@tommymiglietta_official).


Apollinaire Manfredi

Apollinaire Mandredi, called Apo, is 15 years old and comes from the Congo. He was adopted at the age of 3 by an Apulian married couple. His life was marked by so much suffering and he never met his biological parents. When he talks about the adoptive ones, his eyes shine. “Standing still on the counter is not for me“. He has a passion for dance, a love born like love at first sight. For him, cutting his hair is not that easy. On Instagram he is super popular with 15 thousand followers (@princeekid)

“Il Collegio 7”: that’s who the 9 girls will be


Giada Scognamillo

Giada Scognamillo is 17 years old and from Genoa. She hides a “bad girl” soul: “It happens to do something crazy sometimes“. Her rebellious nature has led her to often argue with her parents, so much so that her father has thrown her out of the house. As an outlet she has rhythmic gymnastics, which she also teaches to little girls. On Instagram she has almost 5 thousand followers (@ jade.scognamillo_), while on Tiktok just over 1.6 thousand.


Luna Tota

Luna Tota is tenacious and determined with the dream of becoming a pilot of the Frecce Tricolori. She is 15 years old and from Rome, she studies at Aviation College and already has two flying experiences as pilot and co-pilot. She appreciates her aesthetic appearance and feels that she has a “determined face” and a perfect physique for photographs. “I am the princess of the house“and also defines himself as a” disco star “. On Instagram he has 7 thousand followers (@ luna.tota_), while on Tiktok even 11 thousand.


Giulia Wnekowicz

Giulia Wnekowicz is a 14-year-old from Figline Valdarno (Florence) who juggles between cards and Rubik’s cubes. But magic isn’t her only passion. She dreams of studying pediatric oncology and one day saving lives. At school she never backs down in defending the rights of her classmates. She speaks five languages ​​and has Asian great-grandparents, Russian grandparents and relatives all over the world. On Instagram she has 1.4 thousand followers (@ magic.giuly), while on Tiktok it has 2.5 thousand.


Priscilla Savoldelli

As told by Prima Bergamo, Priscilla Savoldelli is a 15 year old from Gandino. She loves to play basketball, but she is also a drummer with a great passion for music. She prefers dating older guys and calls herself an “old school” teenager. She is interested in vintage items such as coins and stamps. On Instagram she has 4.3 thousand followers (@priscillasavoldelli).


Zelda Nobili

Zelda Nobili is a 15 year old born in Milan, but living in Trieste. She owes her name to that of the princess protagonist of the video game of the same name. “I know I’m weird, but who cares!“. She loves studying history, Latin and Italian, even if it doesn’t take much to study. Passionate about comics and films, no one can escape her black humor. On Instagram she has little more than a thousand followers (@ zelda.nobili)


Marta Maria Erriquez

Marta Maria Erriquez is a 16 year old from Venaria Reale (Turin). She was born in the year of the 2006 World Cup, she is very passionate about football and is studying to be a bartender, dreaming of America. She likes to be a point of reference for others. She prefers wide pants and t-shirts to skirts and tops: “I don’t like labeling myself, my gender identity is something I’m slowly discovering. My dressing does not represent my being female or my being male, but it represents me, it represents ‘Erri’“. In college he hopes to be able to fight his own battles one at a time,”exposing – clarifies – my problems and my values ​​in the most correct way possible“.


Sofia Brixel

Sofia Brixel is 16 years old and from Chiavari (Genoa). She studies humanities, but she dreams of being a model: “I hope to accomplish this, but I still have a plan b, – tells – to become a psychologist“. Super followed online, she admits that” on social media it is nice to dance, but every now and then stop and think. “On the Net, in fact, she decided to remember her sister, who disappeared at the age of 18. the first edition of “Il Collegio” and, together they cultivated the intention of one day being able to take part in the program. On Instagram he has almost 50 thousand followers (@sofiabrixel_), while on Tiktok more than triple.


Elisa Angius

Elisa Angius is a 15 year old from Cagliari. She has a suspicious character, she is touchy and stubborn, but generous and loyal to those who are friends with her. She easily loses her patience, so much so that the last year of school she has collected 50 absences: “I couldn’t go there anymore, because – admits – my companions disliked me“. The experience in” Il Collegio “he hopes will help her become less rude and quarrelsome. On Instagram she has almost 13 thousand followers (@elisaangiius), while on Tiktok almost 6 thousand.


Alessia Abuscia

Alessia Abuscia is a 14 year old from Crosia (Cosenza). She is a girl with strong opinions: “I can talk to everyone, – explains – but the last word must be mine“. When she grows up she would like to be a beautician, she defines herself as indifferent and provocative. Her stubborn nature leads her to argue:”When I don’t feel like fighting, even if it’s rare – adds – I say ‘No comment, because if comment, ugly comment’, which means ‘I don’t comment on you, because if I comment on you, I … offend you’“For her, school is a real” torture “. On Instagram she has almost 3 thousand followers (@ alessia.abrusciaa), while on Tiktok it has 1.8 thousand.

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