Indochine Central Tour At the Cinema

Broadcast at the cinema of the CENTRAL TOUR, the monumental concert of the group INDOCHINE which was played to sold-out crowds in the 5 largest French stadiums. By bringing together more than 400,000 spectators, this anniversary tour of the group’s 40th anniversary smashed all attendance records in each of the stadiums, all disciplines combined (concert and sport).
A project initiated by Imax, it is already not trivial, a tour of 6 dates in the 6 biggest stadiums of France which are full boxes, even less for a French rock group, but in addition an Imax projection in the Salle Pathé Gaumont, which has already announced 100,000 reservations, the Indochine group has much to be proud of, and of its career and of this tour de force that many groups would like to achieve.

“Indochine Central Tour at the Cinema” therefore joins the very exclusive club of films shot for Imax such as “Dune” by Denis Villeneuve, “Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” and “Top Gun Maverick”. The Indochina concert will not only be visible in France but also in England, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Peru, Switzerland and Belgium. An event that adds to the slew of superlatives that result from this extraordinary tour, with its tower 45 meters high, and its giant screen of 2500 m² for 1400 LED panels.

A concert filmed entirely, which gives fans and neophytes an idea of ​​the fervor that reigns during a group concert where several generations come together and sing in the same madness all the titles of the group. For his 40 years of career, the latter, moreover, does not sulk his pleasure and over a period of nearly three hours will review his greatest successes (But there are so many that some are necessarily frustrated: “Des Flowers for Salinger” still in a Medley!!!!), but the energy of the group, led by a Nicolas Sirkis still at the head, who assumes his role as leader and sole leader of the original version of the group. At 63, the singer continues to ignite the stadiums and keep this attitude and this writing which each time earned him the nickname of “Eternal Teenager”.

“Indochine Central Tour at the cinema” it is once again, perhaps the last, to see the group during this tour which has come to prove once again its commitment against causes such as violence and harassment. school, the LGBTQ+ cause, or questionable political ideologies, it starts with the display of the Ukrainian flag. The tone is set, then the group embarks on its musical marathon on a huge stage in the heart of the stadium and where distinguished guests come, such as Christine from “Christine and the Queens” for a hallucinating and hallucinated version of “Third Sex”. , Lou Sirkis and Dimitri Bodianski who come to say hello to the first title of the group in 1981 “Dizzidence Politik”, then it is the turn of the Republican Guard to come and play two pieces with the group including “J’ai demande la la Moon” and “Life is beautiful”. And finally, a piece that suddenly flies over the stadium with its beauty and its touching interpretation of “Collège Boys” in duet with Philippe Jaroussky.

Technically, the film is incredibly beautiful, we even feel totally integrated with the public at the Stade de Lyon where the concert was filmed on June 25, 2022, the shots are as precise and beautiful in color as in sharpness that we find ourselves wanting to scream like the public. Imax technology obliges, rarely has a concert on screen given as much pleasure and sensation as this “Central Tour at the Cinema”, and fan or not, the quality of the sound is so precise that one cannot remain indifferent to the energy of the group and to ask one last question when the end of the film arrives: “What to do after that? “.

Indochine Central Tour At the Cinema – Film 2022 EN