“La Manzana de Oro” will compete in the Official Section of Seminci 2022

The Golden Applethe new movie Jaime Chavarriwill compete in the Official Section of Seminci 2022. Based on the novel greedy pretensesof the National Narrative Prize, Fernando Aramburu, is starring and will be shot in different locations in Ourense. The project has its own script Chavarri Y Jose Angel Esteban.

The Golden Apple will compete in the Seminci 2022

Director Jaime Chavarri will opt for the Golden Spike of the Seminci 2022 with The Golden Applehis return to directing feature films after a period of 17 years since the premiere of Shrimp (2005), his last film to date. The Golden Appleadaptation of the novel “Ávidas pretensions” by Fernando Aramburuhas a wide cast led by sergi lopez, Martha Grandson, Adrian Lastra, Joaquin Climent, Paca Gabaldon, Vicky Pena, Elena Seijo, Robert Enriquez Y Gines Garcia Millan.

The Golden Apple will be, along with the already announced inaugural film don’t look in the eyesthe two Spanish feature films in competition in the Official Section of Seminci 2022. don’t look in the eyesnew feature film by the writer and director from Navarra Felix Viscarretadapts the novel From the shadowsof Juan Jose Millasand is starring Paco Leon, Eleanor Watling, Alex Brendemuhl Y Juan Diego Botto.

The Golden Apple is a production by Mario Real for LA PIRUETA FILMS, with the Galician co-production of Xosé Zapata, recent Goya award winner, for Viva Zapata & Villar. It is financed by the ICAA-Government of Spain, TVE and the support of the Diputación de Ourense. Filmshark handles international sales.

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Data sheet

Original title: the golden apple
Year: 2022
Country: Spain
Address: Jaime Chavarri
Script: Jaime Chavarri, Jose Angel Esteban. Novel: Fernando Aramburu
Distribution: Carla Campra, Marta Nieto, Sergi López, Adrián Lastra, Vicky Peña, Joaquín Climent, Loreto Fajardo, Álvaro Subiés, Pilar Bautista
Producer: Ourense Provincial Council, ICAA, La Pirueta Films, RTVE
Gender: Comedy




The arrival of an unexpected guest destabilizes the Poetic Sessions that each year brings together different tendencies of Spanish poetry in an isolated convent in the northwest of the peninsula. During a fast-paced weekend, while the poets write, recite and watch each other, chasing a golden prize, a plagiarism suspicion, the battle for the presence in a future anthology, the irreverence of a rapper, the birthday of a centenarian poet, Some poisonous mushrooms, unexpected sexual encounters and the awakening of late loves will culminate in a stormy night after the unexpected triumph of a new female star of contemporary poetry.

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About the director Jaime Chavarri

Degree in Law. He studied two courses at the Official School of Cinematography. He started his career shooting feature films in super 8. He was assistant director in some productions and worked for television. Although his first feature film was ‘Run, Snow White, run‘ (1967), his first commercial work was a difficult work with extensive autobiographical content: ‘school trips‘ (1973). This film would be continued in some way in 1985 with ‘the river of gold‘. He was also artistic director of Victor Erice in ‘The spirit of the hive‘ and of Carlos Saura in ‘Anna and the wolves‘. Of his collaboration with the producer Elijah Querejeta highlights a groundbreaking and caustic documentary about the poet’s family Leopoldo Panerodisenchantment‘ (1976), a reflection on decadence and the passage of time, ‘to an unknown god‘, an excellent and disconcerting film, and ‘Dedication‘, in which the protagonist plays a journalist who has to interview a prisoner.

After this stage of collaboration with Querejetacarried out adaptations of literary works of Llorenc Villalonga (‘Bearn or The room of the dolls‘), Fernando Fernan Gomez (‘bikes are for summer‘) Y Pablo Sorozábal (‘Tender summer of lusts and rooftops‘). These films were produced by Alfredo Matas. Chavarri He also shot two musicals starring Angela Molina —with whom he has worked up to five times— and Manuel Banderathe things of love‘ (1989) and its sequel (nineteen ninety five). After a stage in which his films had less commercial impact, with the exception of ‘Kisses for everyone‘ (2000), he shot a film in 2005 about the life of flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla, ‘Shrimp‘.

Likewise, he has developed a career as a theater director, which includes productions such as ‘three tall women‘ (1995), from Edward AlbeeThe proof‘ (2001), from David Auburn either ‘Salome‘ (2016), from Oscar Wilde.

Source Department of Communication of the Valladolid International Film Week


“La Manzana de Oro” will compete in the Official Section of Seminci 2022