“Gouel hir filmoù berr, it is unprecedented in Brittany, in France and even in the world! “, launches, amused, Serj Raoul, the president of Div Yezh Lannuon, parents’ association for the teaching of Breton in public schools. Two years since the idea of ​​a festival of short films in the languages ​​of Brittany was launched by these defenders of the language, six months since the Lannion team set to work to flush out the gems that will be viewed for three days. during, Friday 2, Saturday 3, and Sunday 4 December. More or less short shorts, cartoons and other genre films.

All films with French subtitles

Gouel hir film where berr (the long festival of short films), GHFB for close friends, program of films in Breton, but also in Gallo, in Welsh… “We wanted to open it up to inter-Celtic friendships”, notes Chamie, the secretary of Div Yezh. But don’t worry if you’re not “fluent” in Breton: all the films are subtitled in French.

Animations at Flambart in the preamble

As a preamble to the festival itself, cultural meetings around cinema will be held on Monday 28, Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December, at 7.30 p.m., at the Flambart café: introduction to Breton on the theme of cinema, conference by Trégor Cinéma on the role of cinema and the production of short films, presentation of video content in Breton on social networks, image rights in the digital age, etc.

Two awards

Then the GHFB will deploy on December 2, 3 and 4 on three sites. Friday 2, at the Baladins cinema, from 8 p.m., screening of four short films: “Disoñjal”, “Termaji”, “Cete veprée-la” (in Gallo), “Breskenn” (winner of the Kino Faltazi 2022) followed by a discussion with the directors. Saturday 3, both in the conference room of the Sainte-Anne cultural center (100 places) and in the large hall of Le Goffic college (140 places), “bugale”, a time for children?, to start, follow-up “yaouank” competitions (schools, associations or individual amateurs) and professional ones. Without forgetting conferences and a thematic evening around the “strange” (ikis). Sunday 4, same scenario with, in focus, the closing ceremony, from 2 p.m., with the awarding of two prizes: that of the “yaouank” amateurs and that of the professionals.

The organizers announce more than thirty films to be seen during this first festival, half of which are in competition. “For the evenings, it is recommended to book. The prices are free and we hope that the participants will be generous, ”they specify.


Festival Gouel hir filmoù berr, from December 2 to 4, at the Baladins, at the Sainte-Anne center and at Le Goffic college. Complete program and ticket office (three-day pass) on

Snacks in food-trucks or on the Christmas market stands on Saturday. For meetings at Flambart, free admission without reservation. Possibility to buy tickets for the festival on site.

Lannion – In Lannion, Div Yezh launches the first Festival of shorts in languages ​​of Brittany