Large families: the Pellissards plan to leave the show? Big surprise!

If there is one family that has emerged as the big winner of the program Families Many, it is the Pellissard family. Amandine, the mother, has become a real star on social networks. This allows her to earn much more money than before and to now be a real influencer, followed by thousands of people. She is logically very grateful to the show that she continues to do with pleasure. But the last shoot last summer didn’t go as planned. Something to convince the mom that it’s time to move on.

The program Families Many soon deprived of its stars?

Amandine Pellissard has never hidden it, and it is a reality, her life has changed thanks to the program Families Many, broadcast on TF1. “It’s a show that I’ll always be grateful for, because we met some great people, we were accompanied by wonderful people, we tour with teams that have become friends through“.

But Jordan de Luxe knows how to get scoops. It is in front of him that the star of Large Families spat the piece. ” I don’t know, I think there may be things to review in relation to the shooting conditions. It is true that there are things that have not gone very well, especially this summer”.

Will the Large Families program, which welcomes new families every year, have to do without the emblematic candidates who have been there from the start? This is a highly probable possibility.

The production of Large Families at War with Amandine Pellissard?

Of course, the Large Families star isn’t leaving Jordan de Luxe in the dark. Yes, the technical teams of the show have become close to the family. However, it is a job. And sometimes, the schedule given to Amandine is, according to her, not appropriate. She thinks above all of her children, while the production thinks of her sequences. And of course, it gets stuck sometimes.

This is why she confides to being ” took the lead “several times with the production because of a schedule” a little busy“. ” If, for example, your child is sick, it was very hot, it was a heat wave in June, a simple thing… We had four, five sequences to do in the day and we could only fit twoit was problematic but because my children, I want them to have their normal rhythm of life. »

Amandine Pellissard soon behind bars?

The Large Families star was sentenced to six months in prison. In the media, she insisted on explaining herself before fake news was told.

One fine day, while I was pregnant with my sixth child, I had to be hospitalized. I find myself on pathological leave so I can’t continue to work because I have problems related to my pregnancy. Alexandre finds himself laid off almost overnight (…) We find ourselves a bit taken by the throat with no income at all for several weeks. If the mother of Families Many says this, that is why explain the origin of her condemnation.

And suddenly I was, I’m not going to say forced because nobody forced me but… I found no other solution at the time than to steal food from a store for my children.. But the mother is caught red-handed. ” Of course, when you do something stupid, that’s what happens. I found myself in custody“. A hearing is planned, but the mother of Families Many gives birth and therefore cannot attend. She then learns that she is doomed.

I had chosen to defend myself alone. I took six months firm. The fact that I didn’t show up at the hearing, I think that didn’t work in my favor. For her, her absence during the trial did not work in her favor. The young woman finally appealed and offered the services of a lawyer.

Now I have a lawyer. I also know that I am a mother, I work, I am an entrepreneur and that for sentences less than a year in prison, they have sentence adjustments. »

Large families: the Pellissards plan to leave the show? Big surprise!