Learn how to strengthen your child’s learning skills during vacation

The school holidays arrived and with them free time. Here we tell you what activities your children could develop to enjoy in a healthy way and educate themselves in the process.

According to the speech therapist Angélica Mateus, a Master’s in Neurosciences from the National University, as parents, the first thing to establish is which are the skills that are most facilitated for them, and second, which of these should be reinforced.

For example, “you cannot understand when you speak”, “it is difficult for you to understand instructions or stories”, “it is difficult for you to learn vocabulary”, “it is difficult for you to interact with others”, “you omit parts of sentences or say them backwards” , are some of the main difficulties presented by children and young people in relation to oral language.

Many of these strategies could be adopted for children who are even in kindergarten and elementary school. You could accompany them before going to sleep and read them a story in which they participate actively, so that comprehension and expression can be strengthened.

Also you can teach them rhymes and songs and help them emphasize relevant words so they can acquire new vocabulary. These are other actions that, even through technological tools, you can easily incorporate into your daily routines this season.

A tools like the audio stories are inputs that work very well the auditory memoryallowing parents to ask them questions about what they hear and allowing them to express themselves freely, he adds.

As for reading for children under 5 who are still in the learning process, it is very important that they learn to play with sounds.

For example, they can be asked: what word rhymes with bell?, what word begins with the same seal sound: photo, cup, magnifying glass?; I tell you a word and you tell me the sounds: mar – m – a – r -; among other activities are very relevant for them to identify that words are divided by sounds.

These are phonological awareness strategies that help them in the previous learning processes of reading and writing.. In addition, board games, movies, and videos are also good inputs to promote oral and written language skills.

Train in habits

Perhaps writing is one of the skills that can take the longest time regardless of age. Not knowing the use of some punctuation marks; errors when segmenting the words and not knowing how to start a text are the most frequent difficulties in this process.

For it, Creating a writing habit is undoubtedly one of the main actions that, as parents, you can encourage in children.. In addition, “getting them to write the market list, a letter, or something similar that allows them to understand that writing goes beyond the academic field is a good option,” adds the specialist in neuro-psychopedagogy.

You can also provide them with words that help them prepare a creative writing, and even make games with images that are reference inputs so that they create stories; Thus, little by little, writing will improve and they will be more motivated to write, because they will see it as a skill that allows them to interact with the world around them.

With regard to mathematics, the recognition and writing of numbers, counting, mathematical operations, problem solving, among others, are some of the difficulties that usually arise.

“Strategies can be applied that involve counting objects or events of daily life, from counting grains of rice or beans, as well as verbalizing the steps of a mathematical operation and giving them feedback, it is very important,” says the expert.

Accompaniment is key

For a child, the strengthening of skills can become difficult at a certain point, however, vacations, by generating lower levels of stress and anguish, because they are no longer being graded all the time and measured with other children, it is a valuable time that as parents they can use strategically, empathically and motivationally.

“If I want to favor certain academic abilities in my daughter or my son, I have to know that this brain learns only if there is emotion. If your brain is motivated, it will learn; so any activity that you want to include must have that component”, says the speech pathologist Mateus.

Finally, it notes that “it is important to know that if as parents you have identified certain oral and written language difficulties in your son or daughter, it is essential to attend the speech therapy service, since a complete and timely evaluation will help the minor in his process of school learning.

Learn how to strengthen your child’s learning skills during vacation