#LET'S GO BACK TO THE CINEMA! - The Sguardiattivi review starts in December

In December and January 2000, 1st and 2nd grade secondary school students in the provinces of Rome and Viterbo will return to the cinema after almost three years of forced absence from cinemas, under the motto #Let’s go back to the cinema!

It begins on 6 December in Frascati, at the Multiplex Politeama, with the screening of Easy Living by Orso and Peter Miyakawa, for the students of IPS Pantaleoni of Frascati. And then, to follow, the Farnese cinema and the Andromeda cinema in Rome, the Virgilio cinema in Bracciano, the CineTuscia Village in Vitorchiano. The project will then continue in other cities including Manziana, Orte, Santa Marinella, Civita Castellana and other urban centres.

This is what happens thanks to the happy encounter between a network of enlightened school principals, a group of film critics and cultural operators active in the area and the enthusiasm of the operators in the sector, above all film exhibitors and distributors who, together, gave life to the festival “SguardiAttivi”, promoted by the ArtedelContatto cultural association as part of the National Plan for Cinema and Images for Schools promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. 5 cinemas, a catalog of 15 Italian and foreign auteur films, 10 schools, more than 50 teachers and 2,000 students involved in the provinces of Rome and Viterbo.

«When we started thinking about the festival», declares Marianna Cappi, film critic as well as screenwriter and professor at RUFA-Roma University of Fine Arts, Scientific Director of the SguardiAttivi project, «we wanted it to be above all a party in which to offer teachers and students an experience in theaters with quality Italian and foreign films. A small gift that bodes well for a future in which, finally, boys and girls at school can go back to fully enjoying one of the most beautiful and educational experiences that can be had at that age: going to the cinema”.

«The review», adds Piera Bernaschi of the Multisala Politeama of Frascati «will be a way to make the spectacular nature of cinema in the cinema, especially for younger people, a unicum for audio, video and comfort quality, and thus propose, through the films of educational and cultural interest.

«We are satisfied with the work carried out so far and we hope that teachers and students will fully enjoy the opportunity that we have the possibility to offer them», comments Simone Moraldi, President of the ArtedelContatto Cultural Association, leader of the project. «We saw great potential in this historic moment in the idea of ​​a review that combines cinema viewing, school activities and meetings with experts and professionals from the world of cinema, a project that unites theaters and schools in small and large urban centers of a region which, let us remember, has suffered heavily from the effects of the pandemic. The city of Viterbo, for example, hasn’t had a cinema for 2 years: we believe it is a very serious fact that such a large town cannot allow its citizens to go to the cinema and so many other areas of the region. We will do everything in our power to support cinemas and quality cinema and to restore to cinema that crucial importance in the life of a community it has always had, as a place of sociality and aggregation, starting with the younger generations”. .

The program of the Review

After the screening on 6 December in Frascati, the project will continue on 13 December at the Cinema Farnese in Rome with the matinee of Fiore by Claudio Giovannesi, on 20 at the Cinema Virgilio in Bracciano with the film The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin, on 22 at the Multiplex Andromeda in Rome with the film Hugo Cabret by Martin Scorsese and will continue in 2023 with screenings, seminars, meetings, educational workshops.

The review, with free matinees aimed at students aged between 11 and 19, is organized as part of the project “SguardiAttivi. Watching cinema and talking about cinema”, promoted by the cultural association ArtedelContatto in collaboration with Quinlan.it, Radio Città Aperta, Fujakkà Lab, Melting Pro, Cinema Farnese Persol, Multiplex Andromeda, Cinema Virgilio, Multiplex Politeama, Cine Tuscia Village and in collaboration with the following schools: Liceo Quirino Majorana (Rome), IC P.le della Gioventù (S. Marinella, RM), IPS Maffeo Pantaleoni (Frascati, RM), IIS Via Silvestri, 301 (Rome), Istituto Omnicomprensivo (Orte , VT), IC Via Maffi (Rome), IC Manziana (Manziana, RM), IC Nelson Mandela (Rome), IC Emma Castelnuovo (Rome), IIS Ulderico Midossi (Civita Castellana, VT) within the National Cinema Plan and Images for Schools promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education for the 2022-2023 school year. For more updates, consult the website www.artedelcontatto.it.

#LET’S GO BACK TO THE CINEMA! – The Sguardiattivi review starts in December