Lina Sastri and Enzo Gragnaniello, the Tammorra Night is back

-Tammurrianti, dancers, musicians, singers in search of their lost roots. Back, on 16 and 17 September 2022 in Piazza Mercato, “The night of the tammorra”, the largest Campania event of popular music that the Municipality of Naples offers to citizens, curated by the association “Il canto di Virgilio”. The event, with Carlo Faiello Maestro concertatore, this year turns 20 and is a fixed appointment of the Neapolitan summer, to express one’s joy of living and retrace back the subtle path of memory and then abandoning oneself to imagination and perception of “Suspended Time”, what “Ordinary Time” seems to want to destroy.

The return to Piazza Mercato della Notte of the Tammorra conceived by maestro Carlo Faiello, after the last nineteen editions set elsewhere, will animate the exceptional stage in the heart of Naples for two evenings which has made it one of the most anticipated traditional folk music events. A one-of-a-kind folklore event, which deserves the credit for continuing to promote one of the oldest dances in our area, helping to enrich the vast summer program of artistic and musical events in the city.

The initiative is part of the wider Naples City of Music project that the Administration has launched precisely with the intention of using music as a system of multicultural integration between the many communities living in the city and of contamination of different genres “declared the Mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi.

“To make known the most significant that exists and resists in the context of Popular Culture today in Campania without falling into the trap of oleography, this is the intent of the Tammorra Night – explains the master Carlo Faiello – Two nights of party with many guests where the sound of tradition represents a strong and vital starting point towards a music without borders. The Popular Song will flood the Piazza di Masaniello to plan an alternative path for sharing and enhancing the territory, also amplifying the appeal and tourist impact of the area “. Carlo Faiello, returning from a European tour of popular music, Neapolitan ethno-singer and composer, author of some of the most exciting pages of the new Neapolitan music, as every year, will be the master of ceremonies of the event.

The event, this year, is divided into two evenings with free admission: The Deep Roots Night allows a journey into the world of peasant civilization, retracing the simplicity of songs, dances and communities that still today retain the charm of the relationship between Man – Nature. From 9 pm on stage paranze and musicians from all the provinces of Campania: Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Salerno, Naples.

The Night of the roots in the sky allows you to go beyond the limits of your own borders thanks to the ability of musicians and artists who know how to read the past in a contemporary way. From 9 pm they will take the stage with Carlo Faiello and the Tammorra Night Orchestra: Lina Sastri, Enzo Gragnaniello, Giovanni Mauriello and Patrizio Trampetti of the historical formation of the NCCP, Dario Sansone, Roberto Colella and then Raffaello Converso and Paolo Romano who will present an idea by Roberto De Simone on a piece by Pino Daniele and many other musicians and groups . The final Tammurriata, once again this year, is entrusted to La Paranza do ‘Lione.

Lina Sastri and Enzo Gragnaniello, the Tammorra Night is back – Ondaweb TV