Madonna, four decades as the queen of pop

64 years ago, on August 16, 1958, Madonna Louise Ciccone came into the world in Bay City, Michigan, although she grew up first in Pontiac, a suburb of Detroit, and then in Rochester Hills. She was born into a large Italian-American family; she was the first child of eight children born to Madonna, from whom she inherited the name of her, a homemaker, and Tony, an automotive engineer.

“I won’t say we were poor,” he said in an interview on CNN’s Larry King Live, “but I would definitely say we were lower middle class. And I come from a very big family.” As a child, she told the media, she was more of a dancing girl than a singing girl. “I mean, I sang in school choirs and school musicals, but I was much more interested in dancing than singing,” she said.

When he was six years old, his mother died of cancer, which was a turning point in his life. “I think she had a lot of strength,” he told Interview Magazine in 1989. “I didn’t notice it when I was younger, but looking back… she was sick for a long time and never allowed herself any kind of self-pity.” .

Some years later, her father remarried, something Madonna had a hard time accepting. “Like all girls, she was in love with my father and did not want to lose him. I lost my mother, but then I was the mother; my father was mine,” she told the magazine. The singer herself felt that she was being taken away when she remarried. “That’s when I said, okay, I don’t need anyone. No one is going to break my heart again. I won’t need anyone.”

After a time at the University of Michigan, where she studied dance, she dropped out and moved to New York. Her goal then was to carve out a future in dance; music came, in a way, by accident.

After dancing for years for many companies, she realized that this would only allow her to live from day to day, so she started going to auditions for musicals, in which she had to sing. “And then, you know, people would hear me sing. And they said: hey, your voice is not bad, ”she recounted on Larry King Live.

In 1982 he signed with Sire Records, after a well-known New York DJ who aspired to be a producer passed Seymour Stein, the head of the label, the demo of “Everybody”. In 1983 she released her first studio album, named after her. That year her first success came “Holiday”. The second of hers was not long in coming and in 1984 “Like a Virgin” saw the light.

These two works were followed by others such as “True Blue”, “Like a Prayer”, “Bedtime Stories” and “Ray of Light”, among others. Her latest studio album to date is “Madame X”, released in 2019.

Madonna combined her career in music with acting and participated in films such as “A Certain Sacrifice”, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, “Who’s That Girl?”, “Shadows and Fog”, “The Next Best Thing” and “Evita” , among other. In the latter, a musical, the singer got into the skin of Eva Duarte Perón.

“I remember sitting through Christmas ’94 and writing an impassioned letter to the director, Alan Parker, listing the reasons why I was the only one who could play her, explaining that only I could understand her passion and her pain,” Madonna wrote in a statement. diary that Vanity Fair published in 1996. “I can honestly say that I did not write this letter of my own free will. It was as if some other force was pushing my hand across the page.”

In a world, that of entertainment, in which age takes its toll on women, Madonna continues to rebel and reveal herself as an artist determined to follow her own rules.
“I’ve been kicked around my entire career and a lot of it is because I’m a woman and also because I refuse to live a conventional life,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2017. “I’ve created a very unconventional family. I have lovers who are three decades younger than me. This makes people feel very uncomfortable.”

Madonna has been married twice, the first to actor Sean Penn and the second to film director Guy Ritchie. She and she have six children, Lola Leon, the fruit of her relationship with Carlos Leon; Rocco Ritchie, of her marriage to the director; David, whom she adopted with Ritchie, and Mercy James, Stella Ciccone, and Esther Ciccone, whom she adopted alone.

Madonna, four decades as the queen of pop