Magic Robin Hood Resort will host a grand solidarity magic gala in favor of two NGOs

The accommodations on the Costa Blanca continue to work on events to offer holiday experiences beyond the summer and try to seasonally adjust tourism. In recent years, the Benidorm-based hotel chain, Magic Costa Blanca Hotels & Resorts has opted to theme various accommodations on the occasion of dates such as Halloween or Christmas and to carry out periodic events con different themes such as a festival dedicated to board games or beer.

This Christmas, magic robin hooda resort located next to Benidorm, will go one step further by hosting a great magic festival from december 3 to 5 in which the main event will be a grand solidarity magic gala. The performance will feature 6 renowned artists: Cliff the Magician, Aryel Altamar, Mag Malastruc, Pando, David Climent and José Mº Alcázar; magicians who have great international prestige and who have even participated in well-known television programs such as ‘Got Talent’ or ‘El Hormiguero’. The gala will be held on Sunday, December 4 from 12 noon and is open to both hotel chain customers and the general public (at a price of €8 children and €12 adults). 1 Euro of each ticket will go to two local NGOs, Red Cross and the Humanitarian Association of Degenerative Diseases and Syndromes of Childhood and Adolescence (AHEDYSIA).

‘Magic Congress’ and Christmas full of activities

In addition to the gala, Magic Robin Hood Resort will host a three-day great congress in which there will be no shortage of surprises such as magic contests, quizzes, workshops, shows and educational talks. All these activities are also open to the public not staying at the establishment, through the purchase of day passes.

East ‘Magic Congress’ is included within the activities that Magic Costa Blanca organizes on the occasion of the Christmas. This year, the hotel chain will keep 5 hotels and resorts open for these dates (Villa del Mar Hotel, Villa Venecia Boutique Hotel, Magic Cristal Park, Rock Gardens, Magic Robin Hood Resort), as well as the ‘Magic Atrium Beach’ and ‘Magic Atrium Plaza’ apartment accommodation.

Hotels and resorts will have special activities as special theming, gala dinners, horseback riding or even a large synthetic ice rink unique in the province and a Christmas fair Located at Magic Robin Hood Resort.

“Keep jobs and offer magical and supportive experiences”

The vice president of the chain, javier garcia highlighted the importance of continuing to bet on offering activities and events beyond the summersince with these measures “we maintain jobs and offer new experiences throughout the year to our tourists and residents”. García also pointed out that for Magic Costa Blanca it is a priority to contribute to different social causes, even more so at times like Christmas: “Last year we carried out different actions in the accommodation such as collecting warm clothes, school supplies and cash contributions for different NGOs. The Magic Congress is a new opportunity, not only to surprise our visitors, but also to try to give back to society a part of how much it gives us. We are already working to continue collaborating and expanding our participation in this type of initiative”.

Jose Buitrago

Magic Robin Hood Resort will host a grand solidarity magic gala in favor of two NGOs