Magna Graecia Experience: cinema meets young Calabrian high school students

Magna Graecia Experience – Iunti-Casadonte-Monteverdi

Magna Graecia Experience will open on November 27, at 10, at the Nuovo Supercinema with a special matinee with “Be Kind – A gentle journey within diversity”

“Magna Graecia Experience”Presented the project that will involve the students of secondary schools in Calabria -. Educate and sensitize the young generations on issues such as social inclusion and respect for diversity through the languages ​​of cinema and TV.

It is the objective that characterizes the project “Magna Graecia Experience”, designed by Gianvito Casadonte and now in its second edition, which will involve students of secondary schools in Calabria in a rich program of screenings and meetings, with directors and protagonists of the big and small screen, on the calendar from 27 November to 6 December in the locations of the Auditorium Casalinuovo and the Supercinema of Catanzaro.

The event is promoted with the support from the Ministry of Culture, Calabria Film Commission and the Municipality of Catanzaro, with the patronage of the Regional School Office and in collaboration with the LILT Catanzaro.

The mission of the initiative

An initiative with profound cultural and social implications that sees the youngest as recipients and active witnesses of a training course characterized by the enhancement of the audiovisual intended as a tool capable of transmitting courage and hope to those experiencing hardship situations and their loved ones. Magna Graecia Experience, as the title itself suggests, will therefore offer the possibility of experiencing firsthand emotional and affective experiences of great impact: through cinema and the testimonies of great professionals in the sector, our young people can learn to know more if themselves and their vocations, face reality critically and consciously, welcome diversity as a resource and not as an obstacle.

The program of the Magna Graecia Experience

The program of the event was presented at the press conference at Municipal Palace of Catanzaroin the institutional presence of the Councilor for Culture and Public Education of the Capital City of the Region, Donatella Monteverdiand of the director general of the Regional School Office of Calabria, Antonella Iunti.

Monteverdi’s statements

“The administration led by the mayor Nicholas Fiorita – said the councilor – wants to highlight quality initiatives, such as this one, which contribute to building a virtuous training system. Starting from positive experiences, it is possible to offer the youngest the opportunity to enter into relationship with the world around us”.

The director of Usr Calabria highlighted “the will to marry the educational value of a project that sees cinema as a didactic and pedagogical tool, supporting the school world with new and powerful tools for an interdisciplinary dialogue with children”.

The declarations of the creator of the Magna Graecia Experience, Casadonte

“A path that starts from far away – added Casadonte – and which I am convinced is necessary for our whole country. The hope is that this will be a driving force for the growth of other initiatives useful for reflecting on issues little known to young people”. The extraordinary commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission Foundation, Anton Giulio Grandesent his greetings and appreciation to the review which “highlights an important theme of a social nature, on cinema as a therapeutic methodology, through a quality program with educational purposes, which fits well into the long calendar of festivals and reviews promoted this year by the Foundation”.

It begins on 27 November at 10.00 at the Nuovo Supercinema in Catanzaro

Magna Graecia Experience will open the November 27that 10, at New Supercinema with a special matinee with “Be Kind – A gentle journey within diversity”, in the company of directors Sabrina Paravicini and the young Nino Monteleone, who will also be guests of a preview meeting the day before, November 26, in Palmi (Rc) in collaboration with the local Lions Club, chaired by Antonello Posterino.

Next appointment on December 3rd

The December 3rd special appointment with the screening of “The First Rule”from Maximilian D’Epirocoinciding with the release in cinemas: at the center of the film is the story of an afternoon remedial class that turns into an intense life experience destined to change the destiny of a professor and a group of young students forever.

Exceptional testimonial

An extraordinary international guest will be present in Catanzaro together with the director, Darko Pericin the cast of D’Epiro’s work together with Marius Bizau, Haroun Fall, Andrea Fuorto, Ileana D’Ambra, Luca Chikovani, Cecilia Montaruli, Antonia Fotaras, Fabrizio Ferracane.

Among other exceptional testimonials also Alexander Haber who will comment on “Travelling with Adele” together with the director Alessandro Capitani.

Alessandro Preziosi will discuss the theme of the ‘Ndrangheta at the center of “Free to choose” by Giacomo Campiotti; Paul Ruffini will accompany the viewing of “Lostly” and “Up&Down”, the latter characterized by the extraordinary cast of actors affected by Down’s Syndrome; Julius Goliath will tell the experience and professional commitment, together with Franco and Andrea Antonello of the social enterprise The Children of the Fairies, behind the work of TV correspondent of “Le iene”; the young Calabrian interpreter Moses Curia he will explain his sensations experienced on the set of “Embrace him for me” on the subject of mental discomfort; director Francesco Bruniwho directed “Scialla” reflecting on teenage torments and behind the camera of the new highly successful TV series, aired on Netflix, “Everybody asks for salvation”.

There will also be the raid of Except Noaha successful psychologist and psychotherapist, as well as one of the most respected trainers nationwide.

Goldsmiths’ prizes Entrusted to guests and partner companies

All guests will receive the Silver Column created by goldsmiths Michele and Antonio Affidato. A special thanks goes to the partner companies of the project: Webgenesys, Coloridea di Oreste Vartellini, Aurora Dagostino, G-Auto srl.

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