Malaga will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Picasso’s death in style

The city of Malaga is preparing to live in this 2023 the fiftieth anniversary of death of his most universal genius: Pablo Ruiz Picasso. And for this, the Malaga City Council, through the areas of Culture and Tourism, together with the institutions linked to the artist, will carry out a series of activities to dress the capital in the purest Picasso style.

The full scheduled schedule It was announced this Tuesday at an event held at the Cine Albéniz. The Picasso Year Premiere It has included scenery, dramatizations and audiovisual resources.

The City Council is part of the National comission for the Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of the painter from Malaga, Picasso Celebration 1973-2023. The governments of Spain and France They have developed a joint program that will include exhibition projects, academic congresses and events that will be held mainly in Europe and North America.

On the occasion of this event, in the capital of the Costa del Sol a large number of activitieswhich range from temporary exhibitions, to conferences, concerts, interventions, recreational activities, publications and tourist actions.

Specific, didactic and tourist material will be published aimed at the youngest and a cultural agenda for families with children, with the aim of bringing them closer to the painter’s work while enjoying Malaga. there will be a free audio guide in the tourism application about the places that were part of Picasso’s life and a new signage with the Picassian Route. All this will be gathered in a specific website, with all the scheduled activities.

There will also be Picassian gastronomic experiences, with the incorporation of dishes inspired by his work in stores, and a photographic contest on the places of the painter’s childhood, and a traveling exhibition with the selected works. It includes the bullfight that the city hosts every year at the August Fair.

In terms of technology, Malaga will be a pioneer in creating a virtual space for visitors to enjoy Picasso-inspired virtual experience for several people at the same time; in addition to presenting the first ‘Real Metaverse’ of a tourist destinationin which a virtual reality space will be proposed in various stages of the history of the city of Malaga.

They have also organized activities at the Museo Casa Natal Picasso and Museo Picasso Málaga. Added to this is the informative program ‘Málaga y Picasso’ in the city’s educational centers on the figure and work of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, which will take place during this school year.

The Museo Casa Natal Picasso will have several exhibitions this year. Since last October 19 and until May 28, 2023, this space houses the exhibition ‘Bernardí Roig: The Last Face and The Hoarseness of the Minotaur’. The exhibition extends to the Collection of the Russian Museum and the Center Pompidou Málaga.

In the Temporary Exhibition Hall, the project ‘Between the mirror and the mask’, which is based on an interpretation of Picasso’s considered last self-portrait. The Cube of the Center Pompidou Málaga, for its part, houses the installation ‘The labyrinth of light and the head of the Minotaur’while in the Collection of the Russian Museum you can see ‘Shadow dancers’which explores the great influence of Degas on the work of Picasso.

The exhibition ‘The ages of Pablo’ will arrive at the artist’s birthplace from June 21 to October 1. With works from the Museo Casa Natal Picasso and from other institutional and private collections in Spain, it offers a chronological and stylistic tour of Picasso’s work according to the stages that marked his life, from his formative years to those spent in company. by Jacqueline Roque.

For his part, ‘Picasso’s image’ collects the evolution of his image in the media: press, photography, books, movies, comics, advertising and television. It can be seen from October 18, 2023 to March 3, 2024. In addition, new publications will be made and the work of promotion and cultural mediation will continue to further delve into the life and work of the artist.

In addition, during 2023 the Municipal Transport Company will illustrate its travel cards and passes with images from the Museo Casa Natal de Picasso to spread this celebration.

In the case of Picasso Museum Malagawhich this year is also celebrating its 20th anniversarywill have two special exhibitions.

On the one hand, the sample ‘Picasso: matter and body’, curated by Carmen Giménez, which can be visited from May 9 to September 10 of next year. It shows the artist’s sculpture through a journey through the plurality of styles that Picasso used to enlarge the forms of the human body, as well as the different materials that he used. This exhibition will move to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao in autumn.

And, on the other, ‘The echo of Picasso’curated by Eric Troncy, from October 3, 2023 to March 24, 2024. It is based on the effect of Picasso’s artistic practices in contemporary times and, above all, in today’s globalized artistic world, and brings together works from around thirty of artists in dialogue with the creator from Malaga.

At the same time, the tour of the permanent collection of the Museum will be renewed with two proposals for ‘Dialogues’ curated by Michael FitzGerald and the Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Foundation for Art (FABA). The first, dedicated to sculpture, will be related to the exhibition ‘Picasso: matter and body’while the second, with late works by Picasso, will be in resonance with the exhibition ‘The Echo of Picasso’.

Likewise, Picasso’s work and time and the enigmas that the former still poses will be orientation vectors for the articulation of a program of educational, academic and cultural activities for this double celebration.

In addition, the exhibition ‘Picasso: matter and body’ will serve as a starting point to analyze the strength of the concept of ‘human body’ in the field of experimentation in modern sculpture. The museum team works on academic projects associated with its exhibitions.

Different entities of the city plan to join the Picasso Year program with numerous activities and initiatives, among them, Museum Jorge Rando, UMA, Ateneo de Málaga, Economic Society of Friends of the Country, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Telmo, Interactive Museum of Music of Málaga, OFM, Film Festival, Theater Cervantes, La Casa Amarilla, Association of Friends of Picasso’s Birthplace, San Telmo Art School, among many others.

Malaga will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Picasso’s death in style