Marcianise. Suspended gift, a gift to less fortunate children

Maria Beatrice Crisci

-The Suspended Gift initiative returns to Marcianise for the third year. Today and tomorrow morning last days. The words of Frances Tortora coordinator of the initiative and former city councilor: «Every year, with the help of many, here in Marcianise we have managed to deliver a gift to every child on the Social Services lists. Every year a magic has been repeated, that of running to one of the shops participating in the initiative and leaving a gift suspended for one of those children who is waiting for the Epiphany, because they believe in it and we have a duty to protect them from the difficulties that their families are going through. These initiatives allow all of us to be there. The union of people like you who mobilize to give and leave something in this fast-paced and inattentive world. A small gesture of ours can make a difference in the lives of others. Especially in a child who lives in a less than idyllic context». Then, she adds: “Today is the last full day to do so, and it will end tomorrow morning by 1 pm. In the afternoon of tomorrow 5 January, the Civil Protection will pick up the gifts and then deliver them directly to their homes”. Here then is the list of shops that have joined the initiative. You can go to the supermarkets for Befana socks and to the remaining shops for toys and/or clothes, backpacks, colours. What you can and what you think is right for the 6-12 age group. SHOPS: *Toys fairies and elves, V.le Europa, 70, 81025 Marcianise CE *Cartolibreria Gionti, Via Crescenzo Grillo, 51, 81025 Marcianise CE *Euro Market One, Via Francesco Evangelista, 86, 81025 Marcianise CE *Biffone Early Childhood , Via Novelli 81 Marcianise CE *Palù Boutique, Via Raffaele Musone, 117, 81025, Marcianise CE * supermarket Srl, Via Vittorio Bachelet, 29, 81025 Marcianise CE *Michele Costantino, Hairdressers – Aesthetics, Via Francesco Marchesiello, 81025 Marcianise EC * Despar supermarket via San Giuliano, Marcianise * Tarallificio, via San Giuliano, Marcianise Thanks to all those who have already mobilised.

Maria Beatrice Crisci

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Marcianise. Suspended gift, a gift to less fortunate children – Ondaweb TV