MasterChef Celebrity 7 opens this Monday with 15 famous faces to offer us a new show in the kitchen


Well, the day has come premiere of MasterChef Celebrity 7this Monday, September 12, coinciding with the start of the school year, a new edition of the talent show culinary starring celebrities. You will remember that it was last May when the participants of this new edition of MasterChef Celebrity were announced, and if you did not see it, in addition to reminding you below who the 15 applicants are, you can access the post in which we announced it by clicking here.

Again there are actors, comedians, singers, journalists, designers, models… Those responsible for the casting of MasterChef Celebrity usually do it very well, we have already told you on other occasions that, outside the kitchenthis edition is the most entertainment offers, in fact, they bring together several professionals in this area to achieve it. On this occasion we will see Xavier Deltell, Patricia Conde, Lorena Castell, Nico Abad, Norma Duval, Isabelle Junot, Daniela Santiago, María Escote, Fernando Andina, Manu Baqueiro, Pepe Barroso Jr. Emmanuel Esparza, Eduardo Rosa, Ruth Lorenzo and María Zurita .

Under these lines you can see a video of almost five minutes that summarizes what will MasterChef Celebrity 7 be like. Laughter, tears, constructive criticism (and some destructive, perhaps), discussions, celebrations, guests who liven up the tests and cooked… the usual, it seems that it will be entertaining and we are going to meet a different face from the celebrities that we normally see in the television or other means of communication without departing from their discipline.

The judges, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz They have a great time with the geniuses of humor that participate in the program, and they enjoy discovering the celebrities who are really interested in learning to cook, the truth is that all of us who love cooking like that. Of course, they will also have to pay attention to the applicants, as they did with their predecessors, some of them invited to the program as we have seen in the video. The usual ones are not lacking, Miki and Juanma, Gonzalo and Flo, Bibiana Fernández and Anabel Alonso…

Renowned and prestigious chefs on the national scene are also invited to MasterChef Celebrity to give instructions to the applicants and a dose of gastronomy and haute cuisine to the program, although in this preview video we only see Toño Pérez from the Atrio restaurant, Rakel Cernicharro from the Karak restaurant, surely many other regulars have participated, such as Jordi and/or Joan Roca, Dani García, Martín Berasategui, Quique Dacosta… But we are not going to advance anything, the best thing is to enjoy this week after week entertainment program between stoves from which a winner will emerge whose prize, endowed with 75,000 euros, will be donated to a project of an NGO of his choice.


Well you know, this Monday, September 12 at 10:00 p.m. premieres Master Chef Celebrity 7. And remember that if you can’t see it at its broadcast time, the programs are recorded and can be seen at any time on RTVE Play, the television platform on-line of Spanish Radio Television.

MasterChef Celebrity 7 opens this Monday with 15 famous faces to offer us a new show in the kitchen