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In 1996, the actor and director, Danny DeVitopremiered Matilda – 90%a film based on the homonymous novel by the writer Roald Dahl . Although the film was well received by the film press at its premiere, it turned out to be a box office flop, however, that did not stop the story of Matilda (Mara Wilson), a wonderful girl, who turns out to be a genius, became a 90s movie classic that many millennials enjoyed over and over again on open television. Now there is a new adaptation of Dahl’s book on the platform of Netflixdirected by Matthew Warchus.

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With Warchus directing and a script written by dennis kelly , Netflix presents Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical – 82%. It is an adaptation of the musical awarded with the Tony and the Olivier. The plot of this film follows Matilda, an extraordinary girl who, armed with a sharp mind and vivid imagination, dares to take a stand to change her story with miraculous results. This movie stars Alisha Weir in the role of Matilda, Emma Thompson like Tronchatoro and lashana lynch in the role of Miss Honey.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical – blank82%, has been very well received by critics, who consider that it is a film full of energy due to its brilliant musical numbers; a fun-filled film that will infect young people with joy, and a film that will be loved by fans of the original novel. Some specialists say that the result of this production is a ten out of eleven, an entertainment that does not disappoint despite the fact that the previous film set the bar very high to be able to overcome it.

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The journalists applaud that the director created a completely familiar film, with a very dynamic rhythm that makes the two hours of duration pass in a very pleasant way for the audience. The experts are totally surprised with the performances of the cast, especially with the interpretation of Alisha Weir, who at her young age shows enormous talent for acting and singing. In the reviews, the impressive work that Emma Thompson does in the role of Tronchatoro is not neglected, they emphasize that she is the true star of this show. Ultimately, critics claim that Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical – blank82% It’s a moving, bold, and well worth watching film.

Here’s more of what critics are saying about Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical – blank82%:

martin cid from

Matilda has the great attraction of seeing Emma Thomson do what she knows how: interpret and like herself, and much more in this theatrical range that she likes so much and in which she knows how to shine even more. She is totally great in one of those roles that she likes to play and that the exceptional English actress knows how to convey that enthusiasm.

Brian Lowry from Cnn in Spanish:

While the number of musicals brought to the screen is likely to call for a bit of family planning, Roald Dahl’s “Matilda: The Musical” is a sprightly demonstration that there’s always room for another good one.


Jose Maria Areste from Film 21:

Matthew Warchus, known above all as a theater director, although he has several films to his credit, delivers a correct film, but not a memorable one. Although in musicals a certain plot slippage is usually forgiven, here the lack of cohesion draws a little more attention, a bit of magic is missing in the supposedly most emotional moments.

Maria Paula Iranzo from Argentine Cinema Today:

…the musical numbers are very well thought out and the choreography by Ellen Kane makes for very rich visual images for the screen. Continuing with the theme, the photography is equally good, giving colors a saturation when it really pays off. The production design is flawless.

Alberto Gonzalez from vandal:

Matilda may seem over the top and syrupy in its presentation, but it has soul as a musical and a movie.

Pedro Paunero from writing cinema:

In this adaptation, we must highlight the theme “When I Grow Up” (When I Grow Up), in which the innocence of infants is expressed, who want to grow up and be adults, to leave behind the “burden” of being children and face school responsibilities.

laura room from cinemagavia:

…is a children’s story, and at times Warchus’s adaptation takes itself too seriously, straying away from the charm that made its predecessor a timeless classic.

Diego Lerer from micropsia:

The film is a very good contribution to the genre and a modern reinterpretation, but not excessively marked by the time (you’ll see in what aspects) of a story that has already become a classic of children’s literature, cinema and theater.

Nolan Rada Galindo from hypertextual:

This version of Netflix sticks to several aspects, based on the literary work, and a twist is allowed by presenting it as a musical.

Diego Batlle from Other Cinemas:

…the succession of catchy songs and creative choreography, as well as the prodigious visual display (inspired, of course, by Quentin Blake’s famous illustrations for Dahl’s book) will make fans of the musical genre thoroughly enjoy for a good part of the almost two hours of footage.

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Matilda, by Roald Dahl: The Musical | Top critics, reviews and ratings | tomatoes