Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez at war: they settle their accounts and explain themselves in TPMP!

Fans of Touche not at my post are used to seeing columnists clash. It’s part of the show’s identity. Generally, arguments are as violent as they are inconsequential. The next show usually serves to mend relationships damaged by harsh words or heated debates, and everything goes back to normal. After all, Cyril Hanouna constantly compares the relationship between him and his colleagues to family relationships. But between Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez, there is no longer any relationship since a terrible dispute which kept the former away from the sets for several days.

The causes of the dispute between Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez

To understand the origin of the dispute, we must go back a few months. Every year, the whole world celebrates the day against homophobia. The football community plays the game with flocked jerseys, for the occasion, with the rainbow flag, symbol of the LGBT community. The goal is to provide support, to make this cause visible through the most popular sport in the world. But for the second consecutive year, the player Idrissa Gueye, who plays at PSG, refuses to play. What ulcerate on the set Matthieu Delormeau who, because of his sexual orientation, feels all the more concerned.

For him, it is pure and hard homophobia. Quite simply because players are simply asked to support a part of the population who can still die today to love the same sex. Gilles Verdez does not agree and mentions religious and family issues. His arguments, Matthieu Delormeau does not hear them. He does not understand how his colleague can support the player.

Live, the tone rises. Matthieu Delormeau shouts loud and clear that his colleague is homophobic and does not hesitate to insult him. He is so upset and shaken by the streak that he does not return for several days. He also does not host the weekend following his show, TPMP People.

Gilles Verdez explains himself against Matthieu Delormeau

In Touche pas à mon poste, Cyril Hanouna stops inventing new sequences. Latest news, The columnists have something to say to Matthieu Delormeau. And it is Gilles Verdez who begins. He is not used to beating around the bush, so he revealed the nature of his current relationship with his colleague.

We don’t talk to each other anymore, we don’t even say hello to each other anymore“. On the set, it is the general surprise. Cyril Hanouna indicates that he was not kept informed. He asks the columnist to continue and say more. ” We have a strong ‘resentment’ for each other, at least I have one and I think it is shared, since last year’s controversy over racism and homophobia. I have completely cut ties with Matthieu, I no longer speak to him (…), I do not avoid him in the dressing room, but I look him in the eye then turn away“. We perceive an ounce of regret in the eyes of Gilles Verdez, while Matthieu Delormeau remains unmoved by these words.

An impossible reconciliation?

Matthieu Delormeau then takes the floor to explain himself. How to explain that this estrangement continues? How to explain that the two colleagues did not try to fix the situation?

I don’t usually hold a grudge, but there (…) I was waiting for Gillesfor six months, in the absence of excuses at least regrets, [et] nothing happened. However, he knows very well the reason for our estrangement. She is very violent“. Matthieu Delormeau does not hide it, he was surprised to see that Gilles Verdez did not try to apologize behind the scenes, after the sequence. For him, it’s simple: As long as there is no repairthere will be no forgiveness“.

There is no doubt that Cyril Hanouna will make it his mission to reconcile his two friends. The most important thing remains, however, that this estrangement is not felt on the screen and that the two colleagues still share programs and debates.

Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez at war: they settle their accounts and explain themselves in TPMP!