May strength and wisdom be with you!

First of all, this project is framed in a quarantine caused by Covid-19; a difficult situation for all children, families, teachers, etc. The Department of Education has established that during this period the students must carry out Competence activities that serve to review the contents and not lose study habits. We have to understand that each student has a different realitythat we are in a exceptional situation and if you take advantage of the time well you can come out stronger. We are all learning in this process. For the reasons listed above, the Higher Cycle tutors began to develop the idea of starwars in the learning beyond the classroom.

The world of Star Wars has known a relaunch and many of our students, young and old, are enjoying the adventures of this icon of the factory Disney. This great universe allows us to introduce the numerous educators curricular contentsplay with them and facilitate the learning content and skills. In compliance with what is collected in the didactic programsbut incorporating important methodological novelties like your own gamification of the curriculum; team workuse of TICevaluation by system of rubrics; System of achievements and achievement of short, medium and long term goals; etc. Furthermore, it is a story that has all the elements of the great greek classics (fight between good and evil, unexpected and humble hero, mixture of the most innovative with the classic, characters with charisma, etc.). For all these reasons, we believed it necessary to implement this project whose purpose is to ensure that the students are increasingly autonomoussince they themselves are responsible for their learning, so they get a tailor-made teaching at your personal pace and it serves them for help each other.

The project started from Environmental Knowledge areabut had a multidisciplinary nature as it linked the areas of Catalan and Spanish Language, Art, New Technologies and Englishthrough the universe created by George Lucas. The teachers had different missions planned and, if the students passed them with total success, they managed to master the power of force. Each child should create her planet and, from the missions, should make it the most complete, stable and resistant in the galaxy. But they had to be careful because the force of evil wanted to destroy all the stars of the universe that were against it. The students had to prevent their planet from being destroyed by the Star of death. Therefore, they had to get the best level of infrastructure (air, land and sea defense). The Star of death it would attack our planets with different levels of power, but as we had infrastructures, we gained strength points to fight back.

The project started from the area of ​​Knowledge of the Environment, but it had a multidisciplinary character since it united the areas of Catalan and Spanish Language, Plastic Arts, New Technologies and English, through the universe created by George Lucas

The activities had their beginning when the students chose an avatar that was going to accompany them throughout the process and this generated a total immersion because they were the protagonists. To evaluate the achievement of the objectives, the students had to accumulate points with their work and go overcoming challenges. As they accumulated points, the students moved up the ranks on a scale of 10 levels which would also serve to indicate the progress of the student: youngling jedi, Padawan, Jedi Knight, etc. There were 10 missions, in which they had to pass a test. If they succeeded, they were awarded a badge that would allow them to advance to be Jedi Master. On the other hand, we found the reward cards that were associated with each level they reached, making them once again feel that they were progressing in the game. These cards were earned when they carried out and achieved agreed-upon tasks or goals.

Due to confinement, new technologies acquired a fundamental role. Every Friday the students accessed a google drive and visualized two videos to follow the narrative. The first was made up of different images from the film and the keywords of the week. Instead, the second was the explanation of the activities detailed by her tutor. Inside there was also a weekly planning, videoconference schedules and instructions for each subject. All of this material had a astronomical design to create a good setting. The reason everything was posted on the Internet, on the last school day of the week, was that working families, they teleworked or had fewer digital devices could organize homework over the weekend. Boys and girls started working on Mondays.

The project contemplated a series of online activities that were based on the use of the Internet and applications, especially email to receive the feedbackthe rewards and the diplomas. The boys and girls used digital formats, photographs or videos to present their challenges. During the week the students made videoconferences with Zoom, which were always started with the music of the Original Soundtrack of the film and they connected disguised as the characters of the saga. This clothing had been created by them, we could meet Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Skywalker, etc. The students had to adapt the material from home because the shops were closed, so creativity and imagination were essential in this project.

The project contemplated a series of online activities that were based on the use of the Internet and applications, especially email to receive feedback, rewards and diplomas.

Linked to the film, the first challenges of starwarsbased on the guidelines of the Project Based Learning: learn the difference between satellite, comet, asteroid and star, as well as the requirements that a celestial body must have to be considered a planet, how the force of gravity affects objects, what types of force are on our planet, the layers of the earth, how is the world around us, its history, its politics and its society, etc. The academic goal is for schoolchildren to identify the main features of the solar system, develop their artistic creativity and learn to use the Internet to search for information.

The gamified project Star Wars came to an end and, as a culmination, the closing ceremony of the Jedi Academy in a video conference. That same day they finished their galactic notebook, a digital portfolio with fantastic ideas and wonderful covers. When students are given freedom, the results are usually magnificent, extraordinary and very creative.

We have received a feedback very positive both students and their families. It is very gratifying to hear the fathers and mothers who have come together with their children to watch the films. Teachers, in addition to learning, we have enjoyed the same as them and this in education is transmitted and contagious. Finally, all of us involved in this project have identified ourselves with this phrase from the Yoda teacher: Truly wonderful is the mind of a child. This greatly exemplifies the enjoyment of the students with these classes. Personally I prefer the increase of the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation which produces a gamified project as complete as this. Which makes it worth all the effort and work that the teachers have dedicated to it.

May strength and wisdom be with you! – Magisnet