Mickey Mouse celebrates 94 years

Tijuana, BC.- The birthday of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse It is celebrated every November 18, since since 1928, that date is awarded to his name day, it was in which both characters made their film debut in “Steamboat Willie”.

The first short film with synchronized sound whose premiere took place at the Colony Theater in New York, is a parody loosely based on Steamboat Bill Jr. a silent film starring buster keaton which also premiered in 1928 “Love at first scene”.

In Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse they meet when she runs along the banks of the river trying to catch up with the steamboat of Pedro Peg Leg. always witty, Mickey Mouse he finds a way to get her on board even after the ship has left.

The two realize an instant connection, and the rest is history…

Some fun facts about Mickey and Minnie

inspired products

Following their screen debut, the instant fame and enduring charm of these iconic characters would also mark the appearance of a variety of licensed merchandise beginning in the 1930s, from writing pads and watches to clothing and school supplies. Currently, the products of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse reach all family members.

More than 100 animated content

The iconic couple has starred in more than a hundred animated content and has conquered the hearts of millions of fans around the world. official Disney symbol Around the globe, Mickey Mouse brings laughter, fun, magic and friendship to children and adults alike.

A unique combination

The cheerful, playful, curious and loyal nature of Mickey Mouse combines perfectly with the sweetness, sympathy and kindness of Minnie Mouseand together for decades they have been one of the most emblematic couples in popular culture, adored by all generations.

Eternally in love

Mickey Mouse is always courting Minnie Mouse as his one and only great love. They both trust each other’s abilities and support each other. Although they may have disagreements, they make up quickly. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse They are boyfriends and, above all, friends forever.


Both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are presented in series, films and shorts with multiple occupations and professions. Mickey Mouse He is an actor, musician, conductor, presenter, athlete, teacher, builder, fire chief, farmer and explorer, among others. Minnie MouseFor her part, she is seen by fans as a singer, dancer, princess, saleswoman, astronaut, cook, fashion designer, and more.

The voice behind the voices

the voices of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were originally recorded by none other than himself Walt Disney. Walt took on the role of Minnie Mouse out of necessity more than anything, and her term only lasted about a year. She continued to voice Mickey Mouse until 1946 and occasionally reprized the role in the years after.

Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mickey Mouse He was the first animated character to receive a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The event took place in 1978, to commemorate its 50th anniversary. Minnie Mouse, meanwhile, received the same distinction in 2018, on the 90th anniversary of its creation. Her inclusion on the Walk of Fame was accompanied by a fun event with leaders of The Walt Disney Company, fans and special guests such as singer Katy Perry, who wore a polka dot dress in honor of the honoree.

a crazy ride

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse inspired “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway”, a fun attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World, in Florida, which invites guests of all ages to hop aboard a wacky railroad for an exciting ride filled with twists, jokes and more surprises as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse they save the day

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Mickey Mouse celebrates 94 years