Miss France. Miss Champagne

The candidates for the title of Miss France, gathered in Guadeloupe, passed the general culture test this Thursday, November 24. Miss Champagne-Ardenne arrived on the second step of the podium.

“Elisabeth Borne is the second woman appointed Prime Minister in France. Who is the only woman to have taken this function before her? What is the name of the volcano in Guadeloupe? A pair of shoes is on sale at 35%. Its original price is €200. How much does the pair of shoes cost after discount? Who wrote the play Cyrano de Bergerac?” Here are some of the general knowledge questions asked this Thursday, November 24 to the Miss France candidates gathered this week in Guadeloupe.

Miss Champagne-Ardenne came second. Miss Normandy got 17/20, she beat Solène Scholer, Miss Champagne-Ardenne (16/20) and Esther Coutin, Miss Rhône-Alpes (15.5/20). Lhe 30 contenders had to answer different questions in politics, geography, general culture or mathematical logic.

The candidates had 40 minutes to answer the questions and return their paper. Solène Scholer, therefore, did rather well in the test. Originally from Châlons-en-Champagne in the Marne, had won on October 14 in Sedan (Ardennes), the crown of Miss Champagne-Ardenne. Aged 20, she is a medical student at the University of Reims. A rather well-made and academically gifted head.

Here are some questions the Misses had to answer. This is a real step in the competition. “A decisive test, specifies the organization, since a bad mark can compromise the place of a candidate among the fifteen finalists”. You can also try to take the test.

NEWS (8 points)

1. What is the name of the new sovereign of England who succeeds Queen Elizabeth II?

A) William V

B) Carlos III

C) George VIII

D) Harry I

2. What is the name of the Ukrainian president?

A) Igor Stravinsky

B) Vaslav Nijinsky

C) Volodymyr Zelensky

D) Vladimir Putin

3. Which world-famous singer released her new album? Renaissance in 2022?

A) Lady Gaga

B) Dua Lipa

C) Rihanna

D) Beyonce

4. Which football player was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 2022?

A) Lionel Messi

B) Karim Benzema

C) Cristiano Ronaldo

D) Kylian Mbappe

5. Which nautical sailing race left on November 6, 2022 for Pointe-à-Pitre?

A) The Vendée Globe

B) The Transat Jacques Vabre

C) The Route du Rhum

D) The Jules Verne Trophy

6. Which French woman of letters was named the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2022?

A) Virginie Despentes

B) George Sand

C) Annie Ernaux

D) Marguerite Duras

7. The music festival turned 40 this year. To which minister do we owe the development of this celebration?

A) Jack Lang

B) Frederic Mitterrand

C) Roselyne Bachelot

D) Jacques Toubon

8. Where was COP 27 this year and what was it about?

A) In Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, to talk about the environment

B) In Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, to talk about global economic governance

C) In Durban, South Africa, to talk about the environment

D) In ​​Durban, South Africa, to talk about global economic governance


9. What radio station does Diane Leyre co-host the morning show on?

A) Virgin Radio


C) Europe 1


10. Which countries did the last 3 Miss Universe come from?

A) South Africa, Mexico and India

B) Philippines, Colombia and United States

C) United States, India and Venezuela

D) France, Philippines and Poland

11. From which American star the Netflix movie Blonde hair released on September 16, 2022 trace life?

A) Madonna

B) Marilyn Monroe

C) Dolly Parton

D) Paris Hilton

12. Who wrote the play Cyrano de Bergerac?

A) Victor Hugo

B) Moliere

C) Edmond Rostand

D) Alfred de Musset

13. Which fashion designer is used to staging his shows in nature like in a lavender field in 2019, a wheat field in 2020 or in a salt quarry in 2022?

A) Jean-Paul Gaultier

B) Olivier Rousteing

C) Elie Saab

D) Jacquemus

14. What is salted pithiviers?

A) A large vineyard

B) A small salted butter biscuit

C) A tree growing in the water of the mangrove

D) A meat pie

15. Which ceremony does not reward films?

A) The Caesars

B) The Grammys

C) The Oscars

D) The Golden Globes

16. Which singer won the Male Artist category at the Victoires de la Musique 2022?

A) Julien Doré

B) Fire! Chatterton

C) Orelsan

D) Myd

17. Who painted the ceiling of the Opéra Garnier in Paris, inaugurated in 1964?

A) Bernard Buffett

B) Edgar Degas

C) Marcel Duchamp

D) Marc Chagall

18. Which American billionaire recently bought the social network Twitter?

A) Donald Trump

B) Jeff Bezos

C) Elon Musk

D) Bill Gates

The three Misses from the Grand Est, Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne, had been received by Valérie Alexandre for a special broadcast of “You are great”, on November 21. The Miss France 2023 election will take place on Saturday December 17.

Miss France. Miss Champagne-Ardenne, medical student, comes 2nd in the general culture test