Monfalcone. The municipal nurseries “Albero Azzurro” and “La Tana dei Cuccioli” reopen on Thursday 1 September. There are 46 new registrations.

The municipal nurseries “Albero Azzurro” and “La tana dei cuccioli” will reopen on Thursday 1 September to welcome children who continue their attendance from the previous school year, with exit by 13.30 in the first five days of actual attendance, while for new students the first day of asylum will coincide with the insertion date assigned pursuant to art. 17 of the Regulations on the management of nursery staff and the relative service calendar.

The service in both structures, managed directly by the Municipality and aimed primarily at families residing in Monfalcone with children aged between 3 and 36 months, will close on 15 July 2023 but, as already resolved by the municipal executive during the ‘last meeting of the council, parents will be able to count on the support of the service also for the following two weeks.

In fact, also for the 2022/2023 educational year, the possibility of enrolling children in the summer camp will be guaranteed, which will start on July 17, immediately after the scheduled closure of the nursery service.

The summer center dedicated to the very young has already been activated in July 2022 and was born following a survey carried out by the municipal offices by consulting all the families of the registered children, in order to verify their actual need to have support in the management of children for a longer time. Following the positive feedback received, the Administration has therefore arranged for the extension of the activities for the entire month of July, offering children play activities mainly in the external area of ​​the two structures.

Both nests can accommodate 40 members each. “Albero Azzurro” is attended by children aged 13 to 36 months, divided into three sections: two full-time and one part-time; La Tana dei Cuccioli welcomes children from 3 to 36 months of age, divided into three sections: two full-time for children from 13 to 36 months and the section for the little ones.

In addition to the children already enrolled in previous years, a total of 46 new admissions were made for the 2022/2023 educational year: 8 part-time and 18 full-time at the Albero Azzurro; 10 full-time and two part-time for the little ones and 8 full-time for the 13-36 month range.

Mayor Cisint: “We have invested numerous resources in the education system, both by equipping the city with new school buildings, and by offering students supplementary activities to school programs. The direct management of municipal nurseries demonstrates the particular attention that this Administration has towards families, supporting them in the delicate phase of the management and education of such small children. The activation of the summer center also for children up to 36 months has met with considerable success because the families, often made up of both working parents, in the summer find it difficult to place their children when the kindergartens close. To demonstrate the proximity of the Municipality, we consulted the parents and decided to offer an additional service, which, given its usefulness, will also be offered again for next summer. “

The closing days for the usual Christmas, Easter and national holidays have been included in the calendar approved by the Board, in analogy to the regional school calendar 2022/2023. In addition, some days of early closure of the service at 13.30 have been provided for all sections for festivities and historical traditions of Monfalcone: December 5 for the S. Nicolò Fair; 22 December for the last day of service before the closing for Christmas holidays and 21 February 2023 for Carnival. To offer families a moment of participation and socialization, two year-end outings have been planned, scheduled for May 19, 2023 for those enrolled in the “Albero Azzurro” nursery and May 26, 2023 for those enrolled in the “La tana” of puppies “.

Monfalcone. The municipal nurseries “Albero Azzurro” and “La Tana dei Cuccioli” reopen on Thursday 1 September. There are 46 new registrations. – CafeTV24