Montataire / Nogent

The film crew with the elected officials and the main actors in this production. -Photo credit OBS and ANA

A week of work during the school holidays of All Saints and this, only related to volunteering. In fact, it is with the desire to make and learn the basics of filmmaking that a dozen young people from Nogent took part in the audiovisual creation workshops of November, the cinema workshop. At the origin of this project, the ANA, the Nogent audiovisual association, which put in correlation an author, a director, and even a cinema sound technician with the group of volunteers particularly motivated to create a short film practically from A to Z since Postproduction remained in the hands of professionals.

At first, it was the making-of which was broadcast in front of families and elected officials from the agglomeration and the town of Nogent-sur-Oise.

A very interesting making-of where the director, Pierre Pouget evokes the approach he had with this youth and the relationship he was able to have with them. “I expected it to take a little time before starting the first day and I must admit that I was particularly surprised at the motivation of this group, some knew each other, others not, but the chemistry worked very quickly“, explains the director.

The screenplay was the subject of work on the first day, mainly related to the writing. It is true that in one week, the young teenagers have not been idle. They had five days to create the script, identify the filming locations, refine their story and above all shoot.

The story, a researcher who finds a miracle solution on energy. A solution that can cause his loss, the greed of others, the pressures exerted too. In short, a reflection of society, neither more nor less. The story is well written and everyone was able to take advantage of their knowledge to participate in acting, shooting, becoming a production assistant, and even a sound technician.

There was an imposed constraint, that of working on a silent film. This avoided getting into too complex dialogues, having to learn text, and above all avoiding the complication of Postproduction“, explains Nicolas Promsy, for Ana.

It is that partners, there were some in this realization. The state first of all with the DRAC, but also the department, the Creil Su Oise agglomeration, the Pathé cinema, or even unavoidable, the city of Nogent-sur-Oise.

One of the partners also deserves a serious spotlight, since it is the Pierre and Marie Curie high school. Principal Alain Procar was immediately in favor of the project. It is in the premises of the school that the sequences of this short film were shot. “I already knew one of the young people on the filming team, since he hosts the high school’s web radio. I think it’s a great promotional tool for our school and I would like to broadcast this short film during open days.“, evokes the headmaster.

Karim Boukhachba, delegate to the Creil Sud Oise agglomeration and deputy mayor of Creil, said he was impressed by the work presented. Even congratulations from Marie Burdeau, delegate of the prefect for Grand Creilllois, visibly pleasantly surprised by the result.

As in any preview, this screening ended with a drink, a great opportunity for the directors to discuss with the families who had come in large numbers to attend the first public screening of the short film “word peace is toxic”.

Montataire / Nogent-sur-Oise: Young people go to the cinema – Oise Hebdo