MOST IMPORTANT NEWS FROM EFE NACIONAL (Thursday, September 15. 2:30 p.m.)


The Government will adapt the energy tax to the European

Madrid (EFE).- The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, assured this Thursday that the Government will adjust the extraordinary tax on energy to the tax “figure” that is adopted in the European Union once it has been agreed upon.

– The PP is now aligned with the European rate and is willing to agree to it

– The INE revises four tenths upwards the growth of 2021, to 5.5%

– Gasoline registers a new fall and marks its lowest price since January


The PSOE recovers the first place ahead of the PP, according to the CIS

Madrid (EFE).- The PSOE would once again be the first political force with 29.2 percent of the votes ahead of the PP, which would keep 28.5 percent, according to the CIS barometer for the month of September that turns around the July survey that gave winners to the popular ones by almost two points of difference.

– Feijóo loses the position of highest rated leader, surpassed by Yolanda Díaz

– The majority of Spaniards, in favor of limiting heating and air conditioning

– Concern about the economic crisis plummets almost 13 points

– The majority of Spaniards are in favor of ending the time change


The PSOE negotiates the gag law although it prioritizes budgets and housing

Madrid (EFE).- The PSOE is negotiating with United We Can and parliamentary partners such as ERC the reform of the gag law, with the intention of moving it forward in the remainder of the legislature, although its legislative priorities at the moment are the General Budgets of the State of 2023 and the Housing Law.


Adults convicted of sexual crimes rise 34.6% and minors 12.6%

Madrid p (EFE).- A total of 3,196 adults were sentenced in 2021 for sexual crimes, 34.6% more than in the previous year, marked by the outbreak of the pandemic, a period in which they also rose 12 .6% of convictions for minors for these criminal offences.

– 16 years in prison for raping a woman he cheated with a fake job


Jury acquits man tried for letting his sick wife die

Barcelona (EFE).- The popular court has declared not guilty, by seven votes to two, the man whom the Prosecutor’s Office accused of homicide for having let his sick wife die in 2018 in Manresa (Barcelona), without attending to her for months.

– To prison the accused of stabbing his wife in Arguedas (Navarra)


The number of young people who go to the Red Cross due to poverty and lack of employment doubles

Madrid (EFE).- The Red Cross has seen how the number of young people between the ages of 16 and 30 who come to ask for help due to lack of employment and income to pay for their studies or internet access has doubled in just two years, passing from the 100,000 it served before the pandemic to nearly 200,000 (196,897).


The rupture of a pipe floods the M-30 and collapses traffic in Madrid

Madrid (EFE).- The rupture of a pipe in the Marqués de Vadillo roundabout, in the south of Madrid, has caused a significant flood that affects several branches of the M-30, where traffic accesses have been closed , while the bus lines that circulate in the area have been cut.


The Government will regulate healthy eating in school canteens

Madrid (EFE).- Cooking in the oven, steam or iron, instead of frying and battering, and using at least 45% of seasonal and proximity fruits and vegetables in school menus are some of the measures that the Government wants to include in a royal decree to promote healthy and sustainable eating in schools.


Only 7% of employees telecommute, the lowest rate since the pre-pandemic

Madrid (EFE).- A total of 1.4 million employees currently telecommute, 7% of those employed, which is the lowest rate since the start of the pandemic, something that, for the human resources company Randstad, means “bad news in terms of flexibility.”


Tourism looks with hope and caution at the extinct volcano

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (EFE).- The complete tourist recovery of La Palma will take time, with some 4,000 of the 8,000 registered accommodation places still closed due to the presence of gases, but the attractiveness of the volcano has allowed the progressive return of visitors, many of them they attracted by this phenomenon.

– The tourist attraction of Tajogaite: “The ash is freshly baked”

– The banana growers want to recover what the volcano took from them


Tim Burton: “I identify more with monsters than with John Wayne”

Madrid (EFE).- Creator of a unique universe populated by eccentric creatures and misfits, Tim Burton will visit Madrid the last week of September to open the exhibition “Tim Burton: the labyrinth”, an “immersive” experience created from more of 200 sketches of his characters, scenery and costumes.


17 luxury films fight for the Shell at the 70th San Sebastian Festival

San Sebastián (EFE).- The San Sebastián Festival, which opens this Friday, celebrates its seventieth edition with a good handful of films in competition in a luxury Official Section that will show the latest works by such relevant authors as Jaime Rosales, Sebastián Lelio, Christophe Honoré or Pilar Palomero.

– Seven Ibero-American films compete for the Spanish Cooperation Award

– The Zinemaldia before its 70th anniversary in an edition without shields



MOST IMPORTANT NEWS FROM EFE NACIONAL (Thursday, September 15. 2:30 p.m.)