New No Vax attack, the headquarters of the Carducci high school are defaced

Back to hitting movement again No Vax in Ferrara. In the night between 16 and 17 November, it was the headquarters of the Carducci high school of via Canapa, smeared with red spray with slightly delirious writing on the walls and windows not only against vaccines, but also against the 2030 Agenda – a document signed by 193 UN countries in September 2015 for sustainable development – and the climatism’.

to discover them, around 7 o’clockwas one of the school assistants who, after opening the institute gates as happens every morning, came across sentences with distorted references to the effects of vaccination – “Vax=myocarditis to young people, they take lives” and “I get vaccinated they infectthe State knows but allows discrimination” – and to the current global political, economic and environmental situation, from “Fuck Agenda 2030” and “Agenda 2030 not a solution but a digital prison” precisely, to slogans such as “Co2 and new climate Nazi-communism“, “They create poverty to take us away freedom” And “Only lies on crises, climate, CO2, wars and pandemics”.

To accompany them, a signature, the now known “wred circled, a symbol often used by conspiracy theorists in various chats and forums and with a controversial meaning, which could ape a Latin phrase used in the film ‘V for Vendetta’ and also have a Satanist meaning, already appeared in the No Vax and No Green Pass blitzes of the months past at the vaccination centers of Ferrara Fiere and Argenta, at the urban park ‘G. Bassani’ and the Revenue Agency in via Maverna.

“We have right away notified the police of what happened – says Claudia Travagli, collaborator of the head teacher Lia Bazzanini – and now they will be done the investigation of the case. We just have to condemn any form of protest that goes to vandalize public structures such as our school”.

The principal herself later added: “This morning as we entered the school we were all deeply hurt by the havoc committed by unknown vandals who daubed the external walls of the entire school with red paint. It is striking to note that ignorance can lead individuals to commit acts that harm the entire community. Only one arrogant and violent stupidity can believe that they can affirm their ideas by writing symbols and disconnected sentences with red paint on the white walls of a school, affecting a common good and forcing all of us to pay very high costs to restore the facades”.

“Those symbols and those senseless phrases – he said – are the tangible sign of how much damage disinformation, credulity, scientific illiteracy, the inability to distinguish between science and pseudo-science, between the freedom to express one’s opinions and vandalism can cause. But why hit a school? Because school is a model of community and democratic coexistence, it is the place where knowledge is cultivated, where one learns to distinguish between respect for the many different opinions and the groundlessness of certain ideas, where one grows as a citizen responsible and knowledgeable”.

The manager Bazzanini concluded: “The police intervened by starting the investigations for identify those responsible. The Province has undertaken to intervene as soon as possible, but unfortunately the times will not be short. We are thinking of different solutions to replace those symbols and those raving writings with thoughts and images that can show everyone that it is possible to affirm one’s ideas with creativity and intelligence. We know that we can count on the support and contribution of all of you”.

As mentioned, in order to trace those responsible for the act, on what happened he is investigating there Digos of the Ferrara Police Headquarters, which went to the scene to acquire the necessary for the investigations, collecting the complaint against unknown persons filed by the school.

Meanwhile, even the Province of Ferrara – owner of the building – carried out an initial inspection to quantify the damage to the building and then clean the structure. The technicians have estimated the surface covered with drawings and writings on about 190 square meters
walls, valuing the damage at no less than 50 thousand euros. Costs which the administration based in Castello Estense will not be able to provide for
before the end of the year.

“It is a pity to have to face these unforeseen and avoidable expenses if only there were greater civic sense and respect for public affairs – comments the President of the Province, Gianni Michele Padovani – especially at a time when we are committed to finding every resource to cope to the increase in the cost of gas and electricity in the more than 50 school buildings under its jurisdiction, which account for 80 percent of the institution’s entire energy bill”.

For their part, however, some high school students they immediately offered to erase the writing on the walls of the school and restore decorum inside the perimeter of the institution stormed by vandals.

New No Vax attack, the headquarters of the Carducci high school are defaced