On Friday at 9 pm in Pian de le Femene the film “Other cannibals” by the Belluno director Francesco Sossai

Summer review. Traveling cinema to discover Revine Lago. Free admission

Francesco Sossai – director

The cinema has not yet closed its doors in Revine Lago, on Friday the last evening of projection under the stars with the extraordinary directorial debut of Francesco Sossai from Belluno, who stages our apathetic and repetitive society with a black and white that makes it universal.

The film “Other cannibals” was presented at the Torino Film Festival, winner of the First Feature Competition at the Black Nights Festival in Tallin and presented in the most important European festivals, has what it takes to be the debut of a director we will hear a lot about speak.

The film will be screened on Friday 5 August on Pian de le femene, on top of the mountain of Revine Lago. It is about mountains and men who live in taverns, about children who have never grown up, about inner and generational conflicts, a lucid and strong story.
With this projection we also want to remember the cinema of Giuseppe Taffarel, born exactly one hundred years ago in 1922, and who fought as a partisan on this mountain, where he told the story of haymaking.
Sossai and Taffarel have the same mountains and the same society in common, a tribute to remember Taffarel but above all the opportunity to meet one of the directors who will mark the new Italian cinema.

The film and the director, who will be present at the screening, will be introduced by another exceptional Belluno citizen: Sergio Fant, selector of the films of the Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival and of the Trento Film Festival, a reference figure in international cinema.

Francesco Sossai was born in Feltre, in the Veneto Dolomites in 1989. He started making short films as a teenager. He moved to Rome where he graduated in Modern Languages ​​and Literature (English and German). Later, he was admitted to the directing course of the DFFB – German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. He has worked as assistant director for important national and international productions. Other Cannibals is his first feature film. He lives and works in Veneto.

One night years ago, in a lost restaurant in the province (it was one of those nights where the world seems to end beyond the parking lights) I saw two middle-aged men talking to each other as if they were planning something that no one around them would should have heard. The sense of deep camaraderie, the suspicion, the macho staging combined with a childish attitude, struck me immediately. I began to imagine who they were and what they did together. Did they know each other? Where would they go next? Other Cannibals is the answer to these fantasies of mine. I wanted to investigate the relationship between two men linked by an idea and have the opportunity to observe them when they have to deal with the decision they have made. The closer the idea comes to realization, the more it reveals its true face: an excuse to escape reality. An oasis of horror in a desert of boredom: this verse taken from The Journey of Baudelaire guided me in describing the relationship between these two men and the surrounding landscape – a small industrial area in the Venetian Dolomites where the mountains sometimes make you feel trapped and sometimes make you dream impossible escapes to faraway places. A place full of horror and beauty. I tried to create images that (in contrast to the advertising aesthetic typical of the contemporary world) could describe this dichotomy in an ambiguous way. Other Cannibals is Bolano’s attempt to mix suspense, realism and neo-western.


On Friday at 9 pm in Pian de le Femene the film “Other cannibals” by the Belluno director Francesco Sossai – Bellunopress – Dolomites