Pantelleria, Friday 27 commemoration for the Day of Remembrance 2023

Twelve appointments on the bill until May 28, with a musical offer in continuity with the first part, both for the artistic quality and for the variety of the proposals.

It begins with the celebrations of Remembrance Day, in remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust. The Friends of Music of Trapani, for this particular occasion, will stage two shows: two stories and two lives for which art has been saving.
On Wednesday 25 January, Francesco Nicolosi at the piano and Stefano Valanzuolo narrating voice, of a text of which he is the author, will stage “La Musica Miracolosa”, the story and legend of Wladyslaw Szpilman, the pianist of the Warsaw ghetto: the impossible encounter between victim and perpetrator, united by the love of music, which inspired the famous film “The Pianist”, by Roman Polansky. On the program music by Chopin, Liszt, Wagner, Debussy, Szpilman and Rachmaninov.
Friday 27 January will instead be the turn of Marco Ballestracci, text and narrator, and Alessio Pianelli, on cello, with illustrations by Alessandro Gatto, with a multimedia show entitled “Il Volo di Angelo” which traces the story of Angelo Gatto, a young air force officer cadet, captured by the Germans and deported to Nazi concentration camps, manages to survive by bartering the portraits he made of his Nazi captors for his own life. Directed by Betty Lo Sciuto.

On February 3, the concert by Mº Paolo Restani is scheduled, one of the most interesting pianists of the Neapolitan piano school (he was the last pupil of the famous Vincenzo Vitale), whose vast repertoire ranges from Bach to his contemporaries, preferring, however, the masterpieces of Romanticism and the historical 1900s. Restani in Trapani will perform pieces by Chopin, Debussy and Liszt.

On February 12, however, there will be a real musical walk through three centuries of repertoire, with the Duo Abraxas, formed by the flautist Daria Grillo and the guitarist Sergio Camelia. The concert will open with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sonata IV. To follow, the transcription of the operatic theme of “La gazza ladra” by Gioachino Rossini and the Overture from “The Secret Marriage” by Domenico Cimarosa, both edited by Ferdinando Carulli, while “La Danza” from the Soirées musicales op.104, n .8 by the Pesaro composer was transcribed, for the occasion, by Maestro Camelia himself. The last part of the evening will be dedicated to the evocative pages of undisputed masters of the 20th century such as Ennio Morricone and Astor Piazzolla, thus offering an inspired tribute to American Cinema and Tango Nuevo.

On 5 March, on the stage of the Church of Sant’Alberto, “Va’ dove ti porta il passo”, the so-called Teatro dei Piedi by Laura Kibel, will be staged. A show that has enchanted audiences from all over the world thanks to an original and surprising technique. The artist’s feet, hands and knees are dressed and transformed into human characters, puppets of flesh and blood, who love, suffer, fight, amuse and move.
The show confirms the intention of the Association to dedicate a significant space of its programming to children and teenagers.

On March 19th the concert of the pianist Andrea Bacchetti, known by the general public for being Chiambretti’s right arm in his famous television programmes. Bacchetti will hold a sui generis concert, entitled “From Bach to Chiambretti”, four centuries of music on TV. With a respectable artistic curriculum, which has led him to be considered a champion of the piano, Bacchetti will present a selection of musical pieces that have accompanied the Maestro’s television adventure. It is a musical program that touches on different eras and genres, in which we find Bach and Debussy but also Henry Mancini and Lucio Battisti.

March 26, however, is dedicated to jazz, with the trio of the famous pianist and singer, Francesca Tandoi. With her, on stage, Stefano Senni on double bass, one of the most active and sought-after musicians on the international jazz scene, and Giovanni Campanella on drums, an extraordinary talent who combines his work as a drummer with that of pianist and composer.

Change of hall for the prestigious concert on April 2, which will take place at the San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art. It will be possible to listen to the concert by the harpist Anna Asteano with original music by Debussy, Bartok, Glinka, Chertok, Prokofiev, Salzedo, Smetana.

On April 16, the unmissable concert of the Metamorphosi Trio, which returns to Trapani to offer the complete execution of all the compositions that Ludwig van Beethoven dedicated to the violin, cello and piano trio. The Metamorphosi Trio, formed by Mauro Loguercio (violin), Francesco Pepicelli (cello) and Angelo Pepicelli (piano), has been on the scene for more than three decades, has over seven hundred performances all over the world and records for the prestigious Decca label.

Among the appointments, on 7 May the one with the Trio of the “G. Puccini” in Gallarate composed by Francesca Di Molfetta, on piano, Elena Porta, on cello, Marat Acquavita, on flute. A multimedia show produced by the Amici della Musica in collaboration with the “Giacomo Puccini” Conservatory of Gallarate entitled “Corpuscles and waves: the dual nature of matter”. Conception and direction by Betty Lo Sciuto.

On May 14, the Francolino Brothers Piano Duo will perform with a repertoire composed of music by Schubert, Ravel, Casella. A concert in collaboration with the “Arturo Toscanini” Conservatory of Ribera. Giuseppe and Alessio Francolino are two young Sicilian brothers who, by virtue of their talent, are the excellences of our land, who have already performed in important theaters around the world.

On 21 May the concert season continues at the San Rocco Museum of Contemporary Art, with the Katane Quartet, composed by Ricardo Urbina and Dario Militano on violins, Clelia Lavenia on viola and Giulio Nicolosi on cello. The young quartet from Catania will offer the rare performance of the Quartet in A minor composed by Antonio Scontrino. The concert will be a tribute to the composer and double bass player from Trapani.

Finally, the closing appointment will be on May 28th again with the jazz of the duo Nicola Giammarinaro, a very well-known clarinetist on the national jazz scene, and the talented young accordionist Roberto Gervasi. The Duo will guide the audience on a journey through the “manouche” Europe, the Brazil of the “choro” and the Argentina of the “tango”, through the fascinating sonority created by two instruments that have been and still are among the most popular in the world. The intent of the duo is therefore to re-propose those sonorities also tackling new repertoires, without ever abandoning the starting point represented by the jazz language.

Show times: 18.30.

Subscriptions (11 shows): €35
Subscriptions can be purchased until January 24th.

Tickets: €10 full, €7 reduced
Tickets can be purchased online on the website or at the venue of the event starting one hour before the start of the show.

Pantelleria, Friday 27 commemoration for the Day of Remembrance 2023