Peppa Pig Live! The trip to the beach, the show in the theaters

Scheduled from November 19 to January 8 2023 in the main theaters. First dates announced in San Marino, Varese, Gaeta, Lugano, Florence, Bologna and Milan

Peppa Pig finally arrives in Italy! The world of the cartoon of the adorable little Peppa, the character of one of the most loved children’s TV series, lands for the first time in the theaters of our country after a huge success all over Europe with thousands of tickets sold. Peppa Pig Live! The beach trip is the brand new live show, presented by Red Group and Applauso. This fun family musical show will arrive in the main Italian cities from November 19, 2022 until January 8, 2023.

These are the first dates announced: November 19th in San Marino (Teatro Nuovo); November 20 in Varese (Varese Theater); November 26 in Gaeta, Latina (Ariston Theater); November 27 in Bari (Teatroteam); 3 December in Rome (Teatro Italia); 8 December in Brescia (Dis-Play Theater); 10 December in Lugano (Palazzo dei Congressi); December 26 in Florence (Tuscany Hall Theater of Florence); 5 January in Bologna (Teatro Duse); from 6 to 8 January Milan (Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber).

A show, all in Italian, with stories and music created specifically for the theater, full of new songs and sets: the audience will be thrilled as they have never been seen or heard before! An amazing live experience, and lots of fun for the whole family! Peppa Pig Live! The trip to the beach takes the public into the magical world of Peppa and his friends George, Pedro, Suzy, Papa Pig, Mamma Pig and Miss Rabbit. Tell about a Peppa Pig school trip with the whole class. With backpacks on, packed lunches and Miss Rabbit behind the wheel. The big day has finally arrived! It will be an unforgettable journey for the lovable and funny Peppa and for her friends.

With over 40 editions, 1000 licensees and 180 broadcasters worldwide, Peppa Pig is a global and evergreen preschool brand, with a strong awareness among consumers of all ages. The episodes aired on Netflix, Nickelodeon (Sky kids channel), Rai YoYo and on the Disney Junior satellite channel. In Italy, the first season was released in 2005. Peppa Pig owes its success on TV to simplicity and humor. The protagonist of the animated series, the adorable pig Peppa: nice, curious, very talkative and not at all shy, Peppa Pig loves to play and have fun with her friends. Together with mother Pig, father Pig and little brother George, they are able to transmit precious teachings and values, such as friendship, kindness, loyalty, a sense of family.

Peppa Pig Live! The trip to the beach awaits you for an afternoon of fun and joy. And with the “Peppa VIP Pass” you can meet Peppa and her friends! Tickets for Peppa Pig Live – The trip to the beach are available on the Ticketone ( and Vivaticket ( Circuits. All seats are numbered.

PEPPA PIG – Live! The Trip to the beach
Dialogues and songs in Italian
Duration: 60 minutes, without intermission
Tickets on sale on the Ticketone ( and Vivaticket ( Circuits
Prices: starting from € 18.00
Numbered seats

First dates announced:
November 19th, 4.00 pm – Republic of San Marino – Teatro Nuovo
November 20, 4.00 pm – Varese – Varese Theater
November 26, 3.30 pm – Gaeta (LT) – Ariston Theater
November 27, 4.30 pm – Bari – Teatroteam
3 December, 11.00, 15.00, 18.00 – Rome, Teatro Italia
December 8, 4.30 pm – Brescia – Dis-Play Theater
10 December, 3.00 pm – Lugano – Palazzo dei Congressi
December 26, 4.00 pm – Florence – Tuscany Hall Theater of Florence
January 5, 4.00 pm – Bologna – Teatro Duse
January 6, 3.30 pm and 6.00 pm – Milan – Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theater
7 January, 3.30 pm and 6.00 pm – Milan – Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theater
January 8, 11.00 and 15.30 – Milan – Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theater

Peppa Pig Live! The trip to the beach, the show in the theaters