Potenza Film Festival: presented the program of the 5th edition

POTENZA – In the Polo Bibliotecario di Potenza, Antonello Faretta, artistic director and founder of the Potenza Film Festival, officially presented all the details of the program of events and the films in competition of the 5th edition of the Potenza Film Festival.

There are numerous initiatives that will inhabit the billboard, from 1 to 3 December and which will populate various symbolic places of the city, and in particular the Don Bosco Film Theater and the Polo Bibliotecario [SCARICA IL PROGRAMMA COMPLETO].

Conceived, promoted and organized by Noeltan Arts with the support of the Basilicata Region (as part of the Supplementary Act of the Basilicata Region Sensi Contemporanei “The development of the audiovisual industry in the South”) and in synergy with local and national public and private partners, among others the Regional Commission for Equal Opportunities of the Basilicata, Magazzini Sociali, the Cineteatro Don Bosco, the Festival wants to continue to represent a valid participatory experience of social cinemawho “acts” for people, telling and pursuing the goals for sustainable development of the UN 2030 Agenda.


New languages ​​and new independent authors, these are the protagonists of four competitive sections: feature films, documentaries, short films and the “Scuola Gira”, a section dedicated to the works created by students of schools of all levels in Basilicata.


Antonello Faretta, artistic director and founder of the Potenza Film Festival: «Let’s pick up where we left off, always in the wake of the cinema of civil commitment, of independent cinema, of the cinema that becomes a megaphone of necessary stories that move to tell the “urgency” of the fragile times we are living, after the shocks of history that have hit the whole world in recent years. This is why the Potenza Film Festival embraces and fully promotes, through cinema, the values ​​traceable precisely in the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, trying to encourage dialogue and discussion on issues such as the fight against poverty, the right to health and personal well-being, the right to quality education and gender equality, social inclusion, the fight against inequalities, climate change. It will be a face-to-face edition to contribute, in our small way, to promoting the recovery of cinemas, devastated by the crisis that world cinema is experiencing for many reasons: among these, the dishabitation, which began even before the pandemic, to enjoy cinema and audiovisuals through digital platforms. An edition – the one we are gladly presenting today – necessary for us, useful for trying to plant a seed in the city, around important and essential themes also thanks to the Technical-Scientific Committee and the many partners of the Potenza Film Festival with whom we have created a solid network of interdisciplinary knowledge, at the service of cinema. The invitation for everyone and for the whole city is to participate in the scheduled events and to “live” with us in the cinema with that spirit of community and participation that cinema and society in general – never like today – need ».

Adriana Bruno, organizational director of the PFF: «Working on the production of a cinematographic event such as the Potenza Film Festival – which since its inception has moved in the wake of civil commitment cinema, independent cinema – is always a great challenge and an incomparable emotion. Organizing a festival always implies painstaking work which must keep artistic needs in balance with production and organizational ones and which requires continuous research and construction of local and national synergies. And it is precisely the latter, in this edition of the festival, who have sublimated themselves into a vast and highly participated partnership. In fact, all the partners have entered the festival’s shirts, starting immediately to share with our entire working group the trajectories and values ​​that today, with pride and gratitude on our part, represent the basis, the fertile ground from which Potenza Film Festival restarts with renewed strength. A special thanks – in addition to the team that is assisting and supporting us with professionalism and energy in the realization of this edition – goes to all the students, school administrators and teachers of the schools of Basilicata who enthusiastically joined the activities dedicated to them and which for us undoubtedly represent the most beautiful look at our festival, with the hope that they will be the real protagonists of the intense days that await us and for which we provide free participation for them»

Rocco Talucci, curator of the Documentary Competition of the PFF: «It is a great pleasure to be able to contribute to this edition of the festival: all the films that have come in for selection offer a privileged observation point on the situation of documentaries now. These are international projects, which have come as much from neighboring Spain and Germany as from Iran. Many have the “landscape” as their main theme, both in purely touristic terms and from the point of view of environmental protection; some others deal with a biographical theme. The speech we made in the selection is about Man and his reaction to certain circumstances; think of the relationship between man and sporting defeat, the reaction in the face of the unexpected event of a great impact event such as the pandemic and again the reaction to a new life in the story of integration into a new social fabric. Reactions that lead to change and stories that, although personal, become universal occasions in which to empathize».

Gaia Migliaccio, curator of “La scuola gira”: «This experience, for the first time within the organization of a film festival, is giving me a lot, on a human and professional level, because it is offering me the opportunity to interface with people who deal with different fields but who work for a common goal and for the same intentions. Thus a real community is created. Seeing a festival from the inside is truly a precious opportunity. Furthermore, the section “La scuola gira”, dedicated to short films made by students of schools of all levels in Basilicata, has proved to be a pleasant discovery for everyone, because it has allowed us to have in response some very interesting works in terms of quality and by number. The young people managed to surround the objectives of the 2030 Agenda and, at the same time, to offer their emotions to the public that will participate. The presence of many students yesterday at the tribute to Pasolini is tangible proof of this».

Antonello Condelli, operator of the Don Bosco Cineteatro: «We are happy with this collaboration, we like this ferment around cinema, this newfound interest in festivals in the city and in the region. For us, cinema is always in the foreground and the Potenza Film Festival energetically returns to the idea of ​​cinema as a place for the promotion and production of culture; a house open to the city, we are “your cinema in the city”, but not only. Without borders and barriers. We don’t want catwalks, we want films, to see, to discover and above all for people to be passionate about films. In the hall. Cinema is first of all “at the cinema”, for quality, emotion and sharing. Before, during and after the festival».

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Potenza Film Festival: presented the program of the 5th edition