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The project aimed at young people is called “Preparing for the future” by Piero Angela, a sort of will, in light of his death last August. Sitting in Superquark’s studio for the latest installment of the show, the popularizer had had time to announce it. “In a simple way, and hopefully not boring, we will tackle the problems that humanity must face, related to climate change and the search for new energy sources, but also the role of science and technology in modern society”, he declared. with the usual grace. Now the project he worked on in the last months of his life arrives on Rai 3: from today it will be broadcast every Friday at 3pma time that he himself decided.

“Prepare for the future”, the new program conceived by Piero Angela

Piero Angela has always thought about the future, inviting the public – whom he greeted with a moving letter in which he asked everyone to “do their part” – to do the same. Disappeared in Rome on August 13, the popularizer spent the last months of his life working on a new project, entitled “Prepare for the future”: a cycle of 16 episodes dedicated to young people and broadcast, by his will, every Friday at 3 pm on Rai 3. “It is a unique case in the world – declared the CEO of Rai, Carlo Fuortes. Rai must always be grateful to him. He leaves this transmission which is his testament. He was thinking about the future at the age of 93, he is an example for all of us ”.

Among the topics addressed by the program, the melting of glaciers, geothermal energy, nuclear fusion, wind power, photovoltaics, energy saving, active and passive, energy consumed with the use of the Internet, other types of pollution and pressure on the environment.

I went to classical high school many years ago – says Angela – and most of the program was aimed at studying the past. There were also science subjects, but maybe I was unlucky, I didn’t have professors who made me love science: they were boring, pedantic, not very involving. I understood it later, thanks to my work as a journalist, which helped me to understand how some things had not been taught to me, for example the method of science, rules, ethics, the pleasure of discovering, the philosophy of knowledge. At that point I started reading books, magazines and doing science and technology programs. If I told you this personal story it is because I wondered how important it would be for you young people to approach science and technology, in a way that is constantly changing.

The main objective of the project is, in fact, that of insert in the school curricula of the last three years of high school, some ideas to reflect on the importance of scientific culture in modern society, especially in Italy, and on the challenges posed by globalization and climate change. Intent that can only be pursued by the school, which cannot and must not renounce its essential educational role in this field as well. “Piero Angela worked with passion and rigor, until the last day”, said Silvia Calandrelli, director of Rai Culture and Educational. Meanwhile, a copy of the episodes of the program was symbolically donated to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarellawho just a few days ago received Piero Angela’s family members and some Rai representatives at the Quirinale to welcome the important legacy of the popularizer.

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella with Alberto Angela at the Quirinale

Preparing for the future: Piero Angela’s program on TV today • TAG24