REPLAY. Bis, the magazine of curiosity with Marie Sylvie Bitarelle in Malagar Saint

The Domaine de Malagar is a property located in Saint-Maixant in the Gironde department in France. The history of Malagar is intimately linked to the writer François Mauriac (1885-1970) for whom it was a family home where he stayed regularly and which he made his privileged place of inspiration. Given to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in 1985, the estate has been home to the Center François-Mauriac de Malagar association since 1986.

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Recently restored, Malagar is both a place for walking and strolling, a hub of documentary resources and a mediation tool for schoolchildren and students. Each year, its rich cultural program alternates literary walks, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and contemporary ballets, garden workshops, readings in the park by great French actors.

At the Domaine de Malagar, Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi meets Marie Sylvie Bitarellesite manager. Strolling through the house, she evokes the personal history she shares with this estate and the very intimate atmosphere that emanates from the living rooms that have remained intact, as if the Mauriac family still lived here. She returns to the importance of this writer, sacred Nobel Prize in Literature in 1952whose great novels have marked the collective memory of the French (Le Knot of Vipères, Thérèse Desqueyroux, Génitrix, Le Baiser au Lépreux).

The meetings of Bis

  • After a career as a textile designer, Florence Schrobiltgen became a sumi-e painter, a movement of Japanese painting that is characterized by Iuse of black ink on rice paper, the predominance of the landscape as a subject and the proximity to the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. The red thread of his work remains vegetal and gives a poetic representation of nature, in particular of the Girondin landscapes. One of the particularities of Florence Schrobiltgen’s work is to present “kakemono”, which in Japan means paintings on silk rolls. BIS went to visit him in his workshop in Sauternes.

Marie-Sylvie explains to Leïla that the other attraction of Malagar is the many cultural highlights that punctuate the seasons. In addition to the François Mauriac Prize which rewards young writers each year, Malagar offers many activities to all audiences as part of special days: literary bike rides, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and contemporary ballets, garden workshops, readings in the park by great French actors. In 2022, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Literature received by Mauriac will be the subject of a theatrical performance given in the garden.

  • To La Reole, The Little Popular is a collective local cultural development project installed in a hybrid placeboth associative bar, theater and space for leisure and artistic education workshops. For 7 years, we have been meeting there for its demanding and original program (concerts, live shows, afterworks) and its moments of conviviality… Meeting with David Lespesat the origin of this associationn that promotes encounters and social diversity around culture.

  • In the park of Malagar, Leïla finds Souleymane Diamanka, Franco-Senegalese slammer and writer born in Bordeaux, came to give his new show here. A lover of Mauriac’s poems, he discovered this place recently in the company of the writer’s grandson. A meeting that brought him back this year to give slam workshops for teenagers from South Gironde. With Leïla, he talks about his love of words, orality, the blending of his Fulani language and French and how he translates all this on stage: a kind of creative workshop in which his most gifted young students participate.
  • Bruno Lacombe is an inexhaustible storyteller on the history of South Gironde. To the point of sharing his passion for heritage by organizing around Langon station commented walks for the curious. With his Gascon banter, he evokes the famous “Crime de Langon” which shook the whole of France in 1907, the family saga of the Olivers, famous representatives of French gastronomy and the tobacco warehouses which made this territory prosperous. BIS followed him on one of his walks.
  • In the cypress alley of Malagar, Leïla dwanders with Céline Lacombe, director of the Les Nuits Atypiques de Langon festival. Far from the cultural highways, this traveling festival has been offering for more than 30 years a programming committed to world music and traditional Occitan music. For seven weeks, concerts, trad balls, documentary screenings, meetings and debates as close as possible to the artists take place in 10 towns in the South of Gironde. With Leïla, Céline Lacombe will come back to the great moments of the festival where Cesaria Evora, Emir Kusturica, Compay Segundo, Manu Chao, Manu Dibango passed and will reveal to us the highlights of the 2022 edition: the Trio Joubran, the Benin International Musical or again the famous storyteller Yannick Jaulin and his rock band.

In the medieval village of Saint-Macaire, the collective Simone and Les Mauhargats work for the development of artistic and craft activities, the promotion of arts and crafts and access to culture in rural areas. It relies on a third place, a shared shop (25 craftsmen and creators), an exhibition gallery (6 per year), and a workshop and shared work space. BIS went to meet the women behind this project.

REPLAY. Bis, the magazine of curiosity with Marie Sylvie Bitarelle in Malagar Saint-Maixant in Gironde