Review and audience Le Big Show (France 2) with Jarry on Saturday September 10, 2022

Le Big show Jarry’s new show on France 2 on September 10, 2022: bonus entertainment on Saturday evening. What is the concept ? Which first guests? Find the critics on this new show and the TV audience.

Will France 2’s big show work on Saturday evening? // Nathalie GUYON

France 2 launches the big show the new date with Jarry (he left TF1 to take on new challenges). The first 2 issues have been shot.
Jarry confides to the Parisian that he is a fan of the Big show: “All my life, I’ve waited to do TV for that,” he confided to us, once the lights went out. It’s a program that showcases real people. » Launch on Saturday June 11, 2022 and 2nd issue on September 10, 2022.

The big show of France 2 these are hidden cameras, happenings behind the scenes, on stage and even outside, but also reunions and unexpected performances. We only find anonymous people who have often been trapped by their relatives. The accomplices are often celebrities like Anne Roumanoff, Amir or Pascal Obispo.

Jarry turns out to be a real showmanLe Parisien reveals that for the 1st issue we will find Laetitia Milot with her mother and for the 2nd issue Chantal Ladesou with 2 friends.
BBC’s Big Show is a real hit with Michael McIntyre…more than 7 million viewers are there.

Laetitia Milot is the godmother of the Big Show …she is the common thread in the presence of her mother. She confides to Télé Magazine “We were seated next to each other at the Marigny theater, mixed with the public, and we reacted to the surprises that had been reserved for the people present in the room. Some were very moving but often it ended in a burst of laughter. She sums up the Big Show in one sentence: “ It’s an evening filled with good vibes with happiness to eat“.


Jarry the new Patrick Sébastien on Saturday night with Big show? / Instagram jarrytypical screenshot

Trailer of the Big Show of France 2:

Among the situations revealed in the France 2 Big show with Jarry:
– apprentice singers filmed without their knowledge in a karaoke
– an anonymous person who is looking for acolytes in the street to sing YMCA
– Jarry who arrives in the room of a couple in the middle of the night to make them eat sardines…

Pitch of the Big Show with the official presentation in press release:
“Surprises, hidden cameras, moving reunions, games, dream gifts, unexpected happenings, surprise karaoke with our favorite stars: no one in the room is safe from the surprises and pitfalls of the Big Show!

The Big Show is family entertainment that offers viewers an evening of humor and emotion with a multitude of surprises, each funnier and more moving than the next, that will make you laugh to tears throughout the evening. ! A new program that is warm, funny, full of good vibes and in constant interaction with the public, who never suspects what will happen to them…”
Alexandra Redde-Amiel, France TV’s entertainment director, is confident on Le Big Show: “Jarry is a real showman. He has crazy energy. With him, we will shake up our prime times.

Critics of the Big Show from France 2 + TV audience

Télé 7 jours is packed with 777: Jarry manages to find the right tone to make you laugh, smile and even move when the moment is (right)
came “. Télé Cable Sat gives 3 stars considering that we laugh and are moved by watching this show hosted by Jarry who appears both overexcited and with a formidable sense of repartee.

Audience Big Show on France 2 on Saturday September 10, 2022 : 1.44 million fans and 8.1% audience share (in competition with Zone Evasion on M6 and The Voice Kids on TF1)
(Among the guests: Amir, Chantal Ladesou or Pascal Obispo)

the big show

Pascal Obispo in The big show of France 2 / Nathalie GUYON

Audience Big Show on France 2 on Saturday June 11, 2022 : 1.84 million viewers and 11.3% audience share (in competition with the Mortelles Calanques rebroadcast on France 3)

Review and audience Le Big Show (France 2) with Jarry on Saturday September 10, 2022