“Rooting and Uprooting”, a cultural festival that unites the inhabitants of La Source in Orléans.

The Charbon Theater, whose Thierry Falvisaner is the Artistic Director and whom MagCentre met, offers cinema, theater, concerts, for a 6th edition, nomadic this year, involving young and old through a vast network of cultural activities. It’s from November 15 to December 17 in different places in the district, at the Montesquieu college, at the Olympe de Gouge room or at the Anim’Orléans Sainte Beuve, without forgetting a photo exhibition at the Orléans theater which we will talk about later.

By Bernard Thinat

Rooting and Uprooting “, explains its Director, because the district of La Source was born in the 60s, with uprooted people who settled in the district, coming from Berry or elsewhere, even from Africa, among others, because that there was a hospital, a university, postal cheques. So these are all people who come from elsewhere and who have taken root at the Source, in the HLMs or the residential part.

This year, the Gérard-Philippe hall being under construction, the festival is split into 3 places, including the Montesquieu college where for a week, theater and cinema were on the program, with meetings between artists and college students, in the form of workshops in particular with patrick palmero and his show Son of immigrants », or with the filmmaker Nixon Singa for a work on the year. ” We try to make a link between creation, that is to say the distribution of a show, and the action that goes with it, so that young people can have their own experiences as amateur artists. The question is to know how one articulates the diffusion of a show with an educational project », specifies Th Falvisaner.

At the Olympe room in Gouge is programmed “the deaf Leap of the ferocious beast” by Michael Hallouin, who came in residence in October for 4 days at the Montesquieu college, where he met 4 classes of college students and CM students, and carried out 4 hours of workshops with each class. And these 4 classes will come to see the play which talks about oil and the carbon footprint, he rejoices.

Thierry Falvisaner again: “ We have a strong orientation towards young people, but also projects aimed at adults, we try to have programming that is not unambiguous “. In Olympe de Gouge, still, a musical show around Barbara is programmed, by a company from Blois which carries out interesting work in the popular districts of the city of Loir-et-Cher.

And not a little proud to announce a cinema session, because he says, ” 80% of young people from La Source do not go to the cinema in the city center », with an animated film about frogs who decide to talk and no longer croak. Then, giving place for local artists », the week will end with a concert of mixed, Celtic and Arab-Andalusian music, in partnership with the association Musique et Équilibre, and the group Celtic’Raic.

Finally, he announces a week of cinema at the Anim’Orléans Sainte-Beuve (formerly Aselqo) in early December, prepared in advance with the 4 schools in the district and their CP and CE1 teachers who have been invited to choose a film related with their educational projects. It is therefore ” the whale and the snail », a film that raises ecological questions, which is programmed in public and school screenings.

But he concedes that bringing people from the neighborhood requires us to roll up our sleeves, that it’s complicated, and that it’s over a long period of time that we manage to progress. In any case, here is a very beautiful cultural action which makes it possible to involve and create, the inhabitants of the district of the Source, its young people from schools and colleges, and not only by programming shows for them, but by involving them upstream.

For all information, programming, prices and reservations, it’s here.


“Rooting and Uprooting”, a cultural festival that unites the inhabitants of La Source in Orléans.