Santander schoolchildren will celebrate the Days of Local Solidarity with a film series

Lorena Gutiérrez, Councilor for Immigration and Development Cooperation

The Department of Immigration and Cooperation for Development, through the Office of Integration and Social Cooperation (OICOS), has organized a conference with three films aimed at educational centers in the city

Santander celebrates the European Days of Local Solidarity until November 30, and for this purpose, the Department of Immigration and Development Cooperation, through OICOS, has organized a school film series to promote coexistence in diversity.

The councilor for the area, Lorena Gutiérrez, explained that the Palacio de Exposiciones is the place chosen for the projection of three films on November 24, 25, 28 and 29, each adapted to an educational stage.

Thus, the following films will be screened: ‘Under the Stars of Paris’ (Primary Education), ‘La Voluntaria’ (ESO) and ‘Mediterranean’ (Baccalaureate and FP) with the main objective of developing in students a critical attitude that rejects any type of racial discrimination, and thus promote essential values ​​such as cultural diversity, equality, solidarity and cooperation.

“Through the films, we promote reflection and analysis of the attitude of the characters that the students will transfer to their own experience based on the didactic materials”, he highlighted.

Gutiérrez has encouraged the educational centers of the city to participate in this initiative and has indicated that it is necessary for them to register in advance by calling 944.16.66.77 or by email, providing the following information: Educational center and municipality , name of the teacher for each group/course, telephone number and contact email, and number of participating students and course.

Likewise, on the occasion of this commemoration, the Cazoña civic center hosts the photographic exhibition ‘A look at cooperation from Santander’ until the 30th, which offers eleven panels on the eleven projects subsidized in 2021 by the City Council in the call for subsidies Non-governmental development organizations to carry out development cooperation projects.

cycle movies

‘Under the stars of Paris’ is an 86-minute film that tells the story of Christine, a homeless woman who lives in Paris and one winter night finds Suli, an 8-year-old Eritrean boy, sobbing in front of her shelter and not speaks french. United by their marginal status, both will embark on an emotional journey to try to find the child’s mother in Paris.

‘La Voluntaria’, a 99-minute Spanish film, tells the story of Marisa, a woman who, tired of her retired life, and of comparing herself with her friends who are grandmothers, decides to travel to a Greek refugee camp where, in her opinion, They need people exactly like her. Upon arriving there, she discovers a reality that she could not have imagined and that leads her to explore the limits between love and the need to feel useful.

‘Mediterranean’ (Spain, 2021) takes place in the fall of 2015 when two lifeguards, Óscar and Gerard travel to the island of Lesbos, in Greece, shocked by the photograph of a drowned child in the waters of the Mediterranean. Upon arrival they discover an overwhelming reality: thousands of people risk their lives every day crossing the sea in precarious boats and fleeing armed conflicts. However, no one performs rescue work. Together with Esther, Nico and other members of the team, they will fight to fulfill a mission, giving support to people who need it. For all of them, this initial journey will be an odyssey that will mark their lives.

Santander schoolchildren will celebrate the Days of Local Solidarity with a film series