School calendar 2022

Each year, the release of the school calendar is followed by various controversies. It is often the parents who regret the inconsistencies, certain periods that are too short or too long between the holidays. But this year, the teachers join their fight concerning in particular the date of the summer holidays, too late according to them.

The school calendar disappoints parents and teachers

The summer holidays have just ended, but the next ones are already talking. Next year, the school calendar tells us that the summer holidays will begin on July 8. But it’s far too late for parents and teachers. For several reasons. First, the teachers consider that the classes will be empty, simply because the children are going on vacation with their parents. This is announced to the Parisian Hélène, professor of history in Paris. “ My class will be almost empty the last week, families will have gone on vacation, especially if tourist prices are considered off vacation, so cheaper “.

In addition, the recent heat wave episodes are still in the memories of teachers and students. The latter have suffered greatly from the heat in classes which do not have air conditioning and which cannot always be properly ventilated. These are not conditions made for studying. But this school calendar may be the target of strong criticism, it does not mean that it will be changed. As you will see, these are not the only criticisms he receives.

The school calendar and weeks that are too short… or too long

The Toussaint holidays will be held for everyone from Saturday October 22 to Monday November 7. Those of Christmas will be held from December 17 to January 3. But it’s after that it goes bad. One area in particular has a calendar that gets people talking. We are talking about zone A. Students in this zone will experience lesson periods that are sometimes too short, sometimes too long. Judge instead. Between Christmas 2022 and February 2023, they will work… four and a half weeks. On the other hand, between the April holidays and the summer holidays (which begin on July 8), they will have to hang on for ten weeks. That’s three more than the recommended seven weeks.

Indeed, it is considered that the system of seven weeks of lessons / two weeks of holidays is optimal for students. But the chronobiologist Claire Leconte does not share this opinion, and spoke about it in the columns of Point in 2017.

It was Jean-Pierre Chevènement who set it up in 1986, without any assessment having taken place upstream to ensure its validity. And obviously, it was never evaluated afterwards!, she begins. So it’s one man’s idea. For her, it is absurd. It takes two weeks after the start of the school year for them to resume a rhythm compatible with work. I also emphasize that this 7/2 rhythm supposed to be so virtuous is not in force in any other country in the world! »

The importance of skiing is absurd for Claire Leconte

The chronobiologist targets in particular skiing, this popular winter sport, but ultimately practiced by a negligible percentage of French people. Quite negligible so that the dates of the school holidays by zone are not chosen according to this winter sport.

For example, mountain professionals have obtained that the Easter holidays be brought forward by a week this year due to the snow cover in the resorts. It’s incredible: only 8% of French people go to winter sports and instead of encouraging resorts to adapt to climate change, to offer new activities less related to snow, when there will be less and less, we adapt the school calendar of all French people to their requirements! “.

The years go by and the controversies are always the same. Claire Leconte thinks that the best would be to adapt the holidays according to the seasons. For example, they advocate more vacation days Wintersince it is the season that request the most energy to the students. But for now, the school calendar will not change.

School calendar 2022-203: teachers and parents furious because of the late date of the summer holidays!