School, in Tuscany out of about 6,400 scheduled recruitments of teachers over 1,850 do not materialize due to the inadequacies on the competitions

Press release of the FLC CGIL Toscana

Florence, 1-9-2022 – School, in Tuscany the Ministry would have planned about 6400 recruitments as permanent teachers (schools of all levels) but – according to the data published by the Regional School Office and revised by Flc Cgil – only a little more than 4 thousand will be covered, which means that there are over 1,850 jobs (equal to almost 30% of the total) made available by the state that will not be occupied, and which once again will have to be covered by resorting to substitutes .

How come? The competitions announced by the State in recent years have not been able to enable an adequate number of teachers to teach, including cumbersome procedures, hyper-notional quizzes more suitable for a television format than for schools, delays in concluding selections, evaluation of non-homogeneous candidates among the competition committees.

It is a dramatic paradox: having places available for recruitment, having aspiring teachers trained and with the right credentials and not being able to match job supply and demand, despite the great work done by the staff of the regional school office of Tuscany.

With the further paradox that it will be precisely those same teachers excluded from hiring who will guarantee the teaching activities to our students, with annual assignments and fixed-term contracts. The consequences? The teachers work without being stabilized and the students each year find different professors. Furthermore, in times of crisis, giving up over 2,000 stable jobs is absurd.

Below are the data divided by province of the approximately 1,850 non-recruitments (these are numbers resulting from an estimate that is still approximate although reliable): Arezzo 100, Florence over 300, Grosseto 100, Livorno 200, Lucca 250, Massa Carrara 100, Pisa 270, Prato 150, Pistoia 230, Siena 150.

As for school subjects, the enormous number of places left vacant in Italian in middle schools (370) should be highlighted, while there are about a hundred in high school. Highly worrying data on support teachers: there are over 300 places in Tuscany that will not be covered by permanent staff, which will be added to the other thousands of support chairs activated every year with temporary staff. Furthermore, among the most “discovered” subjects, motor sciences and some scientific / technological disciplines.

All this could have been avoided if the Government and Parliament had accepted the proposal of the Flc Cgil to stabilize all teachers with at least three years of service in view of the start of the school year (as also provides for the European legislation that more than once sanctioned the Italian State), arranging for them a training and qualification course to be carried out during the school year, with a final test. Once again we appeal to all the political forces that are running for elections to bring school back to being one of the priorities of our country, starting with the question of insecurity, in the interest of workers, students and families.

School, in Tuscany out of about 6,400 scheduled recruitments of teachers over 1,850 do not materialize due to the inadequacies on the competitions