Schoolchildren fill the rooms with life at the Huelva Film Festival

It is one of the best ways to study and ensure the future, which is why this Monday is a big day for the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, because has started, after two years of absence, the Children’s and Youth Section of the Huelva contestwhich will once again fill the rooms with the little ones.

During this week, More than 16,000 spectators from Huelva educational centers will pass through the rooms of the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival to see any of the six films programmed in the Children’s and Youth Section. In the next edition, the Huelva contest recovers its face-to-face projections, an activity paralyzed by the pandemic the previous two years, and extends them to the province, reinforcing them with a complete program of educational activities.

Along with the usual venues of the Casa Colón Conference Center and the Gran Teatro, this year there will be theaters in the Aqualon cinemas, as well as in various provincial venues, in collaboration with the Huelva Provincial Council, in the municipalities of Aracena, Bonares, San Bartolomé de la Torre, San Juan del Puerto, Valverde del Camino and Zalamea la Real. The municipality of Rociana del Condado is also added as the projection venue.

The Huelva Festival has made for its 48th edition a firm commitment to cinema and education. Thus, in addition to having its Film and Values ​​sections, the in-person screenings of Children’s and Youth Film or Ventana Cinéfila on Filmin, more innovations will be implemented within the educational activities, such as the Young Communicators Cinéfilos program.

The educational activities have as their objectives image education, the generation of audiences, the creation of new audiences and the awareness of cinema, as an instrument of social cohesion, a meeting place, personal reflection and intergenerational dialogue. The objective of the Festival is to transform the figure of the traditional student-audience, a simple receiver of knowledge, into a spectator-protagonist, creator and producer of content.

Children’s and Youth Section Programming

The Children’s and Youth Section will have a total of six productions, with varied themes and styles and appropriate for all ages that make up the educational spectrum, films that include the promotion of values ​​such as solidarity, the environment, camaraderie, friendship or the reality of today’s world. Thus, the Huelva Film Festival has programmed in this section two animated films, three children’s/youth-themed films and a documentary of a social nature.

The scheduled animated films are ‘Red Shoes and the Seven Trolls’ (South Korea, 2019), directed by Hong Sung-ho, Jang Moo-hyun and Uh Young Sik; and ‘Ainbo: The Amazon Warrior’ (Peru, the Netherlands, the United States, 2021). For their part, the children’s and youth films that can be seen in this section will be ‘Rocca changes the world’ (Germany, 2019), by Katja Benrath; ‘Vicky’s secret’ (France, 2021), directed by Denis Imbert; and ‘Researchers and the secret of the deep sea’ (Germany, 2020), by Christian Theede. Lastly, the Children and Youth Section also includes the documentary ‘Cartas mojadas’ (Spain, 2020), directed by Paula Palacios and produced by Isabel Coixet, a work that reflects the drama of immigration in the Mediterranean.

Schoolchildren fill the rooms with life at the Huelva Film Festival