SEA Consortium: many initiatives planned for the territory, citizens and schools

At the end of the summer period, it is time for the SEA Consortium to take stock of the initiatives undertaken and the projects for next autumn. As President Fulvio Rubiolo points out, “We are working to increase the participation and involvement of municipalities and citizens: these are the two pillars that represent an increasingly present reference in the community and international regulatory and programmatic framework on sustainable development, and which guide the communication of the Consortium. Our goal is to increase sharing and dialogue with municipalities, so as to strengthen the repercussions in terms of virtuous waste management by citizens.“.

The mascot “Monvy”, a nice guide character of the Consortium to learn how to separate waste well and make a quality separate collection, accompanied the summer activities of environmental animation of the SEA Consortium. The first stage, certainly the most relevant in terms of participation and importance, was the concert of the singer Elisa during her “Back to the future Live Tour”, which took place on Sunday 3 July as part of the “Suoni dal Monviso” exhibition in valley of S. Anna di Sampeyre. “The concert was attended by 4,400 people, who we sensitized to do separate collection and, if possible, to bring their waste downstream – continues Rubiolo -. The mountain is a fragile place, and especially when many people gather for an event, it is important to be able to carefully manage the flow of waste which, if properly sorted, can continue their journey for recycling. In all, 25 kg of undifferentiated products, 40 kg of paper and cardboard, 60 kg of glass and cans, 40 kg of plastic and 70 kg of staff were collected (including compostable tableware for staff, direction and service). Many people have decided to take their waste downstream, as required in this project. We are very satisfied with how it went, with the conscious response we received from local citizens and tourists: everyone did their part to safeguard the beauty and health of our mountains.“.

The Monvy tour continued on 10 July at the Fera d’la Tonda Sagra dell’Albicocca Tonda in Costigliole Saluzzo, on Sunday 17 July at the Festa di Santa Margherita of the Municipality of Casteldelfino, and on Monday 5 September in Saluzzo for the San Chiaffredo Fair. The goal, during all the appointments, was to promote correct separate collection, clarify the most frequent doubts and give some practical advice on how to manage your waste well. “On all occasions we have set up an informative and playful space where people have found information and participated in the “ECO challenge” – continued by the SEA Consortium – a challenge with quizzes and fun games to test your knowledge on separate waste collection, then winning useful gadgets in recycled material“.

New activities are starting for the fall. In particular, the activity dedicated to schools of all levels and levels resumes as part of the communication campaign “A record differentiated collection”, through which environmental education enters the classroom. During the school year 2021/2022, 143 classes who participated in classroom workshops on the theme of circular economy and littering joined the environmental education project on waste; 8 classes took part in the “Solutions to littering” video competition and 26 in the “Plogging School Challenge”. The municipalities involved were Bagnolo Piemonte, Barge, Caramagna, Cavallermaggiore, Costigliole Saluzzo, Faule, Manta, Monasterolo, Moretta, Murello, Lagnasco, Paesana, Pagno, Scarnafigi, Revello, Rifreddo, Saluzzo, Savigliano, Scarnafigi, Torre San Giorgio, Trinità , Verzuolo, Villafalletto, Villanovetta. Also for the school year 2022/2023 the Consortium hopes for a great participation. The annual theme will be the circular economy: with fun and engaging activities, children and young people living in the consortium area will be able to experience a new cultural approach to waste management.

To make it easier for citizens to manage their bulky waste, especially for the mountain community, bulky waste will be collected at home in October. It starts on Monday 17 October in Pontechianale, Bellino, Casteldelfino, Frassino; Tuesday 18 October in Isasca, Melle, Brossasco, Valmala; Monday 24 October in Oncino, Crissolo, Sanfront, Rifreddo, Paesana; Tuesday 25 October in Martiniana Po, Brondello, Pagno, Envie, Gambasca; Thursday 27 October in Rossana. You can book the collection at the toll-free number 800365552 or at n. 348/2210283 from 3 to 14 October: only bulky durable goods for domestic use are withdrawn for a maximum of 5 pieces. Sheet metal garages, sheds, corrugations, gutters, cars, mopeds, batteries, tires, rubble and vegetable waste are not collected. Iron and electrical and electronic waste (fridges, washing machines, stoves, computers, TVs and all that is electronically or battery powered) must be well separated from other materials to be transferred. The sofa beds must be disassembled (by the users), separating the steel bed frame from the wooden and fabric / leather sofa frame. “It is important that the material to be collected is displayed in a place that is accessible with a heavy vehicle, in order to allow maneuvers – underline the technicians of the Consortium -. Municipalities cannot have waste piles up in squares, but only bulky items booked directly by users will be withdrawn. If there are piles of unbooked material, the extra service will be paid for by the Municipality itself“.

To stay up to date on the Consortium’s initiatives, “CSEA news”, the newsletter dedicated to Municipalities, is active: Every month we give space to a local Mayor, we share ongoing projects, data on separate collection and waste production, as well as useful tips for a virtuous and sustainable waste management – concludes Rubiolo -. With this, and the initiatives that we carry out in itinere, we aim to share commitment, objectives, information and values ​​with all municipal administrations, in order to walk together the path of ecological transition “. In addition to the newsletter, an institutional Fb page of the Consortium is active, which must be completed with the page “a differentiated by record”, where all updates on current initiatives will be published.

SEA Consortium: many initiatives planned for the territory, citizens and schools