Señal Colombia reinforces its educational grill on vacation

Taking into account that in a large part of the country the school season is about to end and with the start of the Soccer World Cup, Señal Colombia will reinforce its educational programming in the morning with ‘Selección Mi Señal’.

It is a strip that will be accompanying in the same schedule of the World Cup calendar, from 6 to 11 in the morning, seven days a week.

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For 15 years, Colombian girls and boys have had a space on public television dedicated to them. This is Mi Señal, a strip of Señal Colombia that starts at six in the morning from Monday to Friday and is morning on weekends.

While the rest of the television channels program news, soap operas and variety shows during these hours, Señal Colombia dedicates them to the little ones, broadcasting diverse national and foreign programs that have an impact from early childhood to adolescence.

“Mi Señal is the universe that girls and boys inhabit, where they find content and entertaining, interactive and multiplatform experiences that generate knowledge because it broadcasts universal stories that reflect the diversity of the world and the identity of each place. It is a window for minors to get to know the world and its cultures”, commented Adriana Vásquez, manager (e) of RTVC.

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In the morning, the Mi Señal slot begins with half an hour tutti frutti, a selection of the best content created for preschool-age girls and boys: Lolalá, Camusi Camusi, Crónicas elefantiles, Así somos niños, Mati & Rocco, Los fantasticos viajes de Ruka or Magical tales, a series in which the popular Frailejón Ernesto Pérez appears.

In this television cocktail, the public can sing with the hen Lola and her friends (Lolalá), learn and have fun with the know-it-all Mati and the monster Rocco, or travel to the bottom of the sea with Ruka and Nuna, always following the parameters of television. child that is characterized by being short and agile content in animated and very musical formats.

In Señal Colombia there is content for all tastes

For their part, slightly older girls and boys can watch programs with more minutes on Señal Colombia, such as Franklin and his friends, Peztronautas, Alex anyway, Disgustingly rich or Tom Sawyer’s adventures, classic that is worth seeing for the new generations. These spaces deal with different topics and each one meets certain characteristics, although they all focus on being educational, entertaining, diverse, and respectful of viewers.

For example, Alex anyway, one of the few live action fiction shows on Mi Señal, teaches empathy and the need to put yourself in the shoes of others through Alex, a boy who has the power to transform into everything he draws and that teaches him to see life as others live it.

As the hours of the day progress, the themes of the programs also increase. At ten in the morning, the characters from Territorio mágico take over the screen of Señal Colombia, a space that is already in its third installment entitled Monstrophic Gang, and that focuses on developing stories about emotions such as anger, sadness, depression, disappointment or Go with the adults.

magical territory is one of the most recent programs of Mi Señalwas created in a pandemic, but its creative team has the most important background in terms of children’s production, since it is led by Andrés Huertas, who created and directed Brújula mágica, a legendary program from the 90s and from the well-remembered Club 10.

Also participating are Fernando Rojas, Nayra Castillo and Jorge Mario Escobar, theater-trained actors who gave life to Aurelio Cheveroni, Diablito Arnold, Mary Moon and Dinodoro, who now bring joy to children in all corners of Colombia through Mi Señal, being the puppeteers that give life to Débora Víbora, the little fox Milton Arley Jauramillo and Angustín Temblores, a 3D animated character.

The stories of Magical Territory have the objective of presenting situations experienced by minors, but also develop critical thinkingsomething that goes very hand in hand with Profe en tu casa, which was also born in the pandemic.

Profe en tu casa is the first live interactive videogame on Colombian educational television, so it is not a televised class, but a space where learning merges with play so that the children are the ones who find the answers to the topics presented by María Camila Sánchez and Samuel Escobar. It has already exceeded 500 broadcast episodes on Señal Colombia, demonstrating that Colombian public television is at the forefront of 21st century communications, and that it has a team of professionals that manages to understand and satisfy the interests of the little ones.

To take into account, since mid-December, these last two programs They are going to broadcast a selection of the best programs made to date on Señal Colombia.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the children’s slot of Señal Colombia includes in its programming international programs such as the Canadian series Ruby Gloom, Trosky and the ecological bedroom, Magical Territory, Wombo combo, Guillermina and Candelario, Dino explorers and Scientist for a day.

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Señal Colombia reinforces its educational grill on vacation