SEP will reconnect more than 24 thousand telesecundarias and telebachilleratos

Mexico CityJune 28.-The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) will reconnect more than 24 thousand telesecundarias Y telebaccalaureates throughout the country for the 2022-2023 school year, for which more than 600 pesos will be invested, reported the general coordinator of @
Azucena Pimentel Mendoza.

He added that the General Coordination @
produces, transmits and disseminates educational resources audiovisual to support the educationn of more than one million 600 thousand students and more than 88 thousand teachers.

In what constitutes the most important project of renewal of the model of education a distance since the creation of the telesecundaria in 1968, the official stressed that the access to resources audiovisual of the teleplants, which are generated and transmitted from @
to improve teaching practice.

Pimentel Mendoza explained that this measure will have a impact relevant, because the model of telesecundaria attends 21 percent of the total tuition of that educational level throughout the country.

He commented that states like Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Guanajuato make up more than half of the campuses in the country.

He reported that Veracruz it has two thousand 461; followed by oaxacawith 1,569, and Chiapas, with 1,484; while in Guanajuato In the 2021-2022 school year, 1,124 telesecundarias were counted.

On the subject of youhigh schoolnoted that there is currently 145 thousand 609 plants throughout the country, being the entities with the largest number: Mexico state22 thousand 016; Guanajuato15 thousand 024; Warrior with 13 thousand 284 and Chiapas with 11 thousand 720.

The holder of @
added that, due to the carelessness of previous governments, teachers work without supporting materials, since the content that is produced specifically to guarantee the quality of the long distance education is not reaching its recipients.

He stressed that another advantage of this renewalwhich is carried out in coordination with the Undersecretaries of Basic and Upper Secondary Education of the SEP, as well as with the state educational authorities, will be that the teachers will be able to Record up to 32 hours of educational content on a storage device.

They will all work together to ensure that more than 24 thousand teleplants located in rural zones Y urban of medium and high marginalization, whether reconnected to the Edusat Network.

Pimentel Mendoza pointed out that this project will be applied through a service provider for the reception of satellite signal through a national, open and transparent public tender.

He stressed that with this reconnectionteachers of 18 thousand 742 telesecundarias and five thousand 342 telebachilleratos will have support materials very necessary for their classes, especially in the case of schools that have a single teacher for all grades, while young people will obtain Audiovisual resources created to improve the quality of their education, while this project will also allow the Telebaccalaureate grow to attract more students.

He reported that, to ensure that all the steps of this substantive workBetween 2021 and 2022, @aprende carried out a field diagnosis in various states, as well as national surveys, which proved that, due to the lack of attention for decades, 99 percent of teleplants is it so off.

Finally, he commented that during tours of the country, they found teleplants without televisionwith satellite dishes from the last century and without technological maintenance for 12 years, “it is what the Undersecretary of Basic Education, Martha Velda Hernández Moreno, and I found on our work visit.”

SEP will reconnect more than 24 thousand telesecundarias and telebachilleratos