Spaghetti western, the soundtrack is by maestro Oliviero

-A very specific mission: the reconquest of a territory just as it happened in the west,
more precisely that of Camposecco (Camerata Nuova – Rome), the largest plateau and
extended among the many that are set between the peaks of the Parco dei Monti Simbruini.
Now abandoned by the world of cinema and the 54 western films, shot there, from the 60s and 70s
they are just a distant memory. The most famous is undoubtedly “They Called Him Trinity” with
Bud Spencer, Terence Hill and Remo Capitani. The latter also known as
Ray O ‘Connor has always wanted the western to return to Italy but, albeit with some
short, it failed. This project was therefore also born for him, as with
the participation of Massimo Capitani (the son), will pay homage to him.
This direct contact with Massimo was born thanks to the group administrators
Facebook “Camposecco Far West”, in particular in the names of Alberto Corridori, Francesco
Romano and Vincenzo Pelosi who collaborated during the pre-production phase, in
how much the group was born to re-evaluate Camposecco.
“Everything for that dirty leather …” is the title of the short film written and
interpreted by Gianpaolo Gentile and directed by Daniele Bartoli with Massimo Capitani, Ilaria
Fiori and the soundtrack by Francesco Oliviero.
Plot: Wyatt, a boy in search of food and money, has a bounty on his head and whoever
would like to capture it to collect the reward. Find hospitality at Stormy’s home (a
farmer who lives with his niece Victoria), but his disposition will lead him to a choice well
he specifies that however it will not coincide with the fate of destiny.
On the 24th and 25th of September, Camposecco will become a film set again for yes
that the west still rides in Italy and that the location can be put at the center
of the attention of the film industry as in the golden days.

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Spaghetti western, the soundtrack is by maestro Oliviero – Ondaweb TV