Starting the school year, the letter from the Municipal Administration of Locri addressed to students, families and professionals

The letter from the Municipal Administration of Locri addressed to families and students who will start the school adventure shortly

Dear students, families, school managers, teachers and school staff, the ringing of the bell that will mark the start of the new school year 2022/23 is almost upon us and we wish to extend an affectionate wish for a good start to all of you.
May this first day of school represent the initial step towards a fundamental stage in your life, a path that we hope will be studded with new challenges and knowledge, during which to grow together and become better people.
Commitment is the basis on which to build solid principles and concrete objectives, essential foundations for changing civil society for the better, of which you must be proud protagonists since each of us is responsible for the good growth of the territory in which we live.
For two years we have been talking about “rebirth” and “resilience”, and now we have to experience this rebirth that must know about freedom and humanity. Free to smile without covering ourselves with the mask, free to “exchange” a pen or a color, free to sit next to our partner, in those united benches that know of friendship, relationship, comparison. The school is your space, it is your home and we must live it and respect it. Respect everything around us, from classrooms to laboratories, from spaces to gardens. We will do it together by coordinating many activities and initiatives useful to make the community participate, driven by the sense of active citizens we will build practices of kindness and sustainable schools.

As Municipal Administration we will continue to do our part, always next to you, girls and boys, and constantly alongside the School, to share paths, projects and programs that stimulate your desire to learn, know, elaborate, aware of the the importance of having modern facilities and tools.
A school that grows and that thanks to the funding in the field with the Pnrr and projects to be implemented always wants to be at the forefront and safe. Many resources are available to the same school with the “4.0 School Plan” and will have to be spent and used for the expansion and skills, for innovative learning environments and to create laboratories for the professions
digital of the future. Flexible and technological learning spaces to foster collaboration and inclusion. In all Italian schools and in line with the growth needs of children and young people – as stated in a note from the Ministry of Education.
With regard to school buildings, you already know that the redevelopment of the “Mazzini” linguistic high school, now divided between Locri and Siderno, is underway for the high schools of the metropolitan city, as for the “Dea Persefone” hotel institute. “Zaleuco” scientific high school and “Ivo Oliveti” classical high school have undergone improvement interventions, while the professional institute works with the new and modern structure and we hope it will happen for all schools in a very short time. Numerous and relevant are the projects and investments on school structures under the municipal competence to make schools more beautiful and safe by implementing more school services.
We will meet in mid-October to inaugurate the 22/23 school year which will see the delivery of the scholarships of the important competition dedicated to Dr. Fortunato La Rosa, the doctor murdered by organized crime. A school year that we will dedicate to the doctor, to General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa 40 years after his assassination and to Professor Francesco Panzera (forty years after the barbaric murder in December). The library will be dedicated to the latter which will be built near the scientific high school on a property confiscated from the mafia and recently assigned to the Municipality.

To you, school managers and teachers, a thought of sincere gratitude for that role – demanding and privileged – of leading the new generations by the hand towards new horizons, to be discovered together and painted with the bright colors of knowledge, know-how and knowing how to be, enhancing knowledge and skills on a solid cultural and human basis.
The close link between knowing and acting will then be a natural consequence of the acquired method and will allow the results achieved to be made more and more brilliant. A thank you that we feel we can extend to all the school staff, who with patience and dedication accompany every moment of the didactic organization.
Happy school year to new school managers who are about to embark on a new path and to those who continue to grow and improve their school; good start to school offices, school staff, teachers, socio-educational assistants and experts at the
communication, to families, to the young pupils who begin the educational path, to the pupils of kindergartens and nursery schools, to those who consider the school the place of discovery.
To you, Parents and Families, who keep in your heart the spark of the fulfillment of your daughters and your sons, the wish to spend this new school year with deep trust, active serenity, collaboration and synergy with all school operators.
We advise you, students and students to always do your best, believe in yourself, never lower your head in the face of injustices, have no doubts on which side to stand and study a lot, with conviction and passion, because culture is the best. investment for your present and your future.

That’s why we wish you a good start with an important warning from the famous scientist Albert Einstein who urged not to consider school as a duty, but as an enviable opportunity!
A tribute to all the students who tomorrow morning will be greeted by “The smile of children”, a work created by Maria Adelo Longo, an artist from Locri.

We recommend the section where you will find documents and useful information for the school year and the Locri App for info on school services.

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Starting the school year, the letter from the Municipal Administration of Locri addressed to students, families and professionals