Story of Michael Oher, the person who inspired the movie “A Possible Dream”

The life of Michael Oher is so moving that it was captured in a great movie. Discover it!

Story of Michael Oher, the person who inspired the film "A possible dream"

Last update: July 29, 2022

Many people have to live a very complicated childhood with factors that negatively impact their dreams and their school performance. However, several are lucky enough to come across people with good hearts, so they manage to overcome obstacles, change their lives for the better and they reach their goals.

This is what happened to Michael Oher, the successful athlete who had to overcome many difficulties before reaching the top and inspired the film industry to make the film A possible dream. In this article we tell you the details of his life story.

The complex childhood that he had to live

The first stage of Michael Oher’s life was very tragic. His father was murdered and his mother had a complex drug addiction.

Because of this, he had to go through several foster homes with his 11 siblings. Until he was 16, he practically slept on the floor.

That difficult reality affected his IQ when it came to studying. So much so, that they took him out of 11 public schools, he had to repeat 2 grades and stopped going to a school campus for a full year.

However, in 2002 he found quality friendly hands. Tony Henderson—an American football coach— offered to help him because he sensed that he had all the qualities body to become a great athlete.

The beginning of a new school stage

After Henderson first interacted with Michael, he went to Briarcrest Christian School to request a seat. But initially, the director refused because the tests showed that his IQ did not exceed 80 points. Just as he had found out about the background he had had in the other schools.

Nevertheless, the coach insisted that they give him a chance. This is how Michael was able to enter that institution, but on the condition that he could not practice any sport until he improved his school results.

The beginning was very hard. So much so that several teachers came to say that the director should expel him. Fortunately, no one made such a drastic decision.

The moment Michael met his adoptive family

Collins, one of the young people who also attended classes at that institution, was moved by the reality of Michael Oher. Therefore, he told Sean Tuohy —his father of him— that there was a student who always wore the same clothes.

The man sought out Michael to meet him and enrolled him in a program that allowed him to order food from the school cafeteria. Likewise, while all this was happening, Oher was able to improve his academic performance a little. As a result of this situation, they gave him the opportunity to join the sports of the educational entity.

He began to be part of the American football team and from the first training sessions he surprised everyone. Despite being corpulent, he had great speed.

Thus, it became established as tackler left defensive player and each time he had a better sports performance. However, on a personal level he continued to have difficulties. He still did not have a fixed home and every day he had to go through 5 different houses.

Leigh Anne, Sean Tuohy’s wife, arranged for Michael to move in with them. In this way, they allowed him to have a bed of his own for the first time and to be surrounded by a magnificent family warmth.

The positive change that Michael Oher had in his grades

After being part of the new family, Michael’s sports performance was still one of the best. However, in order to get to the NFL he had to reach a school average that would allow him to enter a university.

Consequently, Leigh had a dialogue with all the officials in the institution and asked them to explain what she could do to make Michael perform better.

After that talk hired a tutor who gave personalized classes to Oher and the positive results were seen immediately. She started getting outstanding grades.

However, in the end, he was unable to obtain the necessary average because the grades he had received before were very poor. But after receiving that bad news, they found a solution.

There was an exam that allowed to reverse those bad grades obtained. Therefore, Michael prepared himself, presented it and got to obtain the average that he was so looking for.

Thus, he was able to graduate and be accepted at Ole Miss, a university located in Mississippi. Over there had the privilege of continuing to play institutional American football and train as a criminal justice graduate.

Michael Oher’s career as a football player

After achieving all those achievements, Michael was ready to play in the NFL. was booked by baltimore ravens and got his first championship in 2013.

Later, he belonged to important teams such as tennessee titans Y Carolina Panthers. However, he has dedicated himself to living in peace and has not returned to the courts.

This is how the life experience of this magnificent athlete shows that with the persistence and the ideal company is possible to materialize all the desires that are kept in mind.

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Story of Michael Oher, the person who inspired the movie “A Possible Dream”