Television: the daily life of this couple from Loire

Tressy, Olivia, 33, and Nathan, 5, took part in the program “Les Mamans”, broadcast on the 6ter channel. ©Marie ETCHEGOYEN/W9

In 2019, fans of the docu-reality The mothersbroadcast on 6ter (cousin of the M6 ​​channel), met Olivia and Tressy, the program’s first homoparental couple.

“Not a reality show! »

Two years later, these inhabitants of Pellerin (Loire-Atlantique), south of Nantes, are back on the show.

Today, the two 33-year-old moms are separated, but they remain close. And for the love of their little boy Nathan, 5 years old, they have decided to continue to have family moments.

“We were able to put our grudges as a couple and adults aside to continue to see each other, underline the mothers of Pellerin. No matter what, we had a child together. We remain a team, and we have to be coordinated so that, for Nathan, everything goes well. »

Road trip by van

The concept of the show? Follow young mothers in their daily lives. On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, in prime time, viewers will find the little family during a road trip in a van to Quiberonexperienced this summer, and when Nathan returned to school.

But don’t talk about reality TV to Tressy and Olivia, “it has nothing to do with it. We did not receive a salary. It’s a documentary, there’s no script or created situations. »

In this docu-reality, we discover a little boy full of life “who has lots of friends; there is no problem for him, says Olivia. I am professional videographer, so he’s used to the camera. If the young women accepted to be filmed in their daily life, “it is to show that a homosexual couple is a couple like the others”.

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At first, Olivia was very reluctant when her partner was contacted on Instagram by the production.

“It was strange, because I didn’t have many subscribers. But I shared my questions about motherhood. “And then the fact that Tressy is in a relationship with Olivia was an asset for the production. “They were very clear with us. The fact that we are one same-sex couple was a strong point. »

Same values ​​as another couple

Reassured by friends who said that “it was a beautiful show, healthy and not catchy”, the couple saw it as a good opportunity to send a message, to show values ​​and concerns, identical to those of a heterosexual couple. . “And also show that our son is fulfilled. It was important, because there is not a lot of homoparental representation on French television. »

And the feedback exceeded their expectations: “Obviously, we received homophobic messages, but above all thanks. And that’s what we remember! “says Tressy.

One day, a mother calls out to Olivia in the street and admits to her outright that she was homophobic… before seeing the show: “She told me that she was against homoparental couples before discovering us. Six months after changing her mind, her daughter was able to tell her she was gay. »

Tressy, for her part, received the thanks of a young man who “thanks to the show was able to announce his homosexuality to his parents. These are great positive spin-offs! »

Broadcast of the program The mothersWednesday, November 23, at 9:05 p.m. on 6ter.

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Television: the daily life of this couple from Loire-Atlantique in a docu-reality